Animal Room Tour — Venomous Pets! (READ DISCLAIMER!!) Hey guy, it’s Em Here is my very first room tour. I hope you like it! Don’t confuse this video with an …. как нарисовать животное тур


  1. Em, I have no doubt in my mind you love your animals. However, unless I’m missing something, I do feel as though your Crested gecko enclosure could use quite a re haul. Choosing to practice cohabitation is your personal choice, I don’t have an issue with that — however, several Crested geckos in a small setup, with barely any foliage or… anything, really, is disappointing to see. It reminds me of the same bare setups Petco and Petsmart use, to be blunt. Same goes for the Gargoyle gecko, but I do know that’s a temporary enclosure. Anyhow, aside from that, nice video and I look forward to seeing more footage of your cockroaches.

    • Milena K Don’t worry! I do have quite a few Subscribers 🙂 I keep my sub count hidden for personal reasons. X

  2. When you say you like to ‘keep little and keep well’, can you really say your enclosures reflect this?

    The crested geckos being housed together along with the size of their terrarium is debatable. They need plenty of vines, branches and foliage to promote enrichment and security. They need roughage and hides to aid in shedding. High food dishes to promote natural feeding processes.

    Similar problems for the other semi-arboreal lesser hedgehog tenrec which, is a fantastic climber and the Vietnamese beauty snake which loves to bask up high.

    I understand your gargoyle’s enclosure is temporary along with the cardboard box the new addition is in. However, is it really sensible to acquire animals you don’t have adequate setups for, let alone promote this to your viewers?

    I believe for all that you’ve said you should be held accountable as I do not believe you are keeping well.

    • Emzotic Yes constructive criticism is best, though from someone who has quite a lot of geckos please separate them now. There are no benefits to keeping crested geckos together just as you wouldn’t put another gargoyle gecko with yours, It’s the same thing. Crested geckos can mate quite early, even before you may be able to tell if they are male or female. Keeping crested geckos together stresses them out, and they can fight. Essentially it’s putting your geckos in danger when they don’t need to be^ it’s not about getting them a bigger cage. Baby crested geckos actually do well in smaller enclosures so they can locate their food easier, it’s also hard to tell which ones are eating, and pooping when they aren’t separated.

  3. Crested geckos have been reclassified to Correlophus ciliatus but I think that gargoyle geckos are still Rhacodactylus.

  4. Do you think you could do a snail care video? I would love to adopt one and I don’t want to do something wrong. I saw your video introducing Shrek (it was the first video I saw of yours) and I fell in love! I’ve done some other research on snails but it seemed kinda sketchy. I would trust you way more

  5. just wondering why you would wanna keep a venomous pet that can kill you in a room where you sleep. Maybe it’s just me but i legit wouldn’t be able to sleep at night

  6. hello! I have watched every single video with you in it, andI have just adopted five garden snails! I will be getting two sun conures in the future. I absolutely love your videos! My snails and I live in south east Asia and I have a humongous enclosure, and I wanted to ask you; How do you get your snails to be more comfortable? My tiny snails are really shy however the bigger ones love me. how do I get the small ones more comfortable? You deserve 1000000000000 subs beautiful! Have a nice day!

    *looks at my hamster while typing this*

  8. Hello! I’m from the USA and maybe we have different practices but do you plan on breeding the crested geckos? If not and if you don’t want fighting I’d recommend separating them and adding more foliage in their cage.

  9. Hi Em, I absolutely love your channel and your videos! Would you mind sharing with us the tools and equipment you use to shoot and make your videos? How much time do you usually spend on editing each video?

    • Lihao Yeong Hey Lihao. Certainly! I actually have a link to the camera I use in my description box!
      I use Adobe premier pro to edit. For lighting, I use natural daylight where possible, or a ring light if it’s night or cloudy. Editing usually takes me between 6-8 hours. This video took around 5.5 hours 🙂

  10. Hey Creatures!
    If you’re interested in the necklace I’m wearing, it came from an Etsy store called ‘BIRCHpls’. Check out Frans other animal necklaces on her instagram @thebirchpleasestudio and support this amazing artist! Be sure to let Fran know that you found her through Emzotic!
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    • Emzotic hey i recently started watching ur vids and i love them. I live in perth an i keep alot of reptiles, were we live you have to have a licence i dont know if you have to were you live tho my muk and dad have one and we have snakes, lizards and alot more animals we like to think we have a zoo. I am 13 and hopefully getting my 1st reptile licence next yr. ❤❤

  11. i will never understand whats wrong with the human world. Keeping animals in cages and small areas is disgusting. How would you feel if your home was your bedroom for the rest of your life? Please consider the way you treat these creatures.

    • MissAllanPoe1989 I agree with you for the mythical creature and the great floods and other things that you have said but I just don’t believe about how the earth is heating up on its own.I believe that humans are doing this.I also believe about what you said on the government controlling stuff.

    • The great floods happened because of global warming. The earth cools and warms. Civilizations get turned over all the time with no evidence as to how they just vanished. The only logical reasoning would come from these disasters. The same ones that wiped out things like mammoths, other humanoid species, giants, saber tooth tigers, etc. Super volcanoes like yellowstone erupt every 1000-100,000 years. This devastates parts of the world by warming up the atmosphere and shutting sunlight out. This can also cause global cooling as well. Parts of the world are getting colder, others warmer, most the same. The world is always changing, it can never stay the same. It’s hard to comprehend when advance civilizations like the great sumarians and egyptians just vanish. They are said to have held steam technology that was actually far greater than our own. Mercury pools that fueled electricity to their cities hidden underneath their pyramid structures in south america. The list could go on. We will die or evolve in some way. There is a reason why the great race to mars is on its way. We are trying to survive. The planet isn’t dying, but many species are doomed to die. Just as new ones are popping up EVERY single day.

    • You said that you do not believe in climate change when you just said that you believe in global warming (climate change refers to both global warming AND its side effects).
      Also while yes animals do have feelings do you think that apex predators that are in danger of extinction should not be put into captivity so that we can make sure that important food chains don’t die off and in turn harm ecosystems and us as well? Or how about an animal that is sick and in pain and needs to be treated? You wanna deprive these animals of proper care that they need over your personal beliefs?
      If you do then you are no better than the people that deprive their family members of care when they think that praying to their gods will save them when our medicines and doctors are possibly the answers to their prayers.
      Guess what you have a vegan attitude but you take it way too far, don’t put your personal beliefs over facts that can actually save a life…whether it be a an animal or a humans.

    • You literally can’t change someone beliefs.
      For example: flat earthers
      So stop trying to hit them with facts because they respond with the same dumb half-assed opinions and will not change.

    • Rachel Potato it’s recommended and you can keep them for a while when their genders aren’t identified but after that I think it’s 99.9% better to separate them.

    • Rachel Potato you can NOT keep 2 males together but 1 females and 1 male is fine as long as you don’t mind little baby eggs or 2 females you can do as well just make sure they are gender checked

  12. I absolutely love her videos, I am subscribed and have my notifications on! she should get a Syrian hamster, they are smaller than ferrits, but are bigger than most hamsters. they are very nice, and pretty easy to take care of!

  13. sorry if this is a really stupid question, but how do you clean the centipedes cages since they are venomous?

    • cassie stapp That’s a really fair and important question. As you know, I never handle my centipedes. Ever. But they do require maintenance. I have a system whereby I put small, secure tubs into their usual enclosures and wait for them to eat inside those. Then I shut them in and move them to another secure tank while I clean xx

    • Emzotic sorry to ask like the other but uh why did you get them?And how would you feed them without a bite?

  14. I would have never guessed that centipedes are venomous ! Can you please do a video about them ?? you just gained a new subscriber btw !!


  16. as someone who’s had «exotic animals» their entire life, I really really do appreciate you telling people not to get certain exotics without doing extensive research first. I used to be a part of an animal recuse group and they amount of times we’d receive tegus, large tortoise species, savannah monitors, etc because of people who impulse purchase animals in astronomical. To answer your question in the video I currently only house one exotic; an Iran Jaya blue tongue skink named Sin, and she’s doing lovely!

    • Dylan Sevor Thanks Dylan. A lot of people truly don’t grasp the reality that exotic animals are NOT for everyone. It’s ok circumstance and ability dependent. That said, not all domestics are for everyone either. I LOVE dogs with a passion, but I know I cannot give a dog the companionship and time needed right now. So I simply don’t adopt one.

  17. Love your vids, but if tenrecs are arboreal like you said, then why do you have yours in a typically terrestrial setup?

  18. one of your videos randomly popped up in my feed and i fell in love immediately, your personality and true love for all your creatures is so amazing!!!

  19. am I the only one who just found out centipedes are venomes

    Edit: I have never even gotten 2 likes what the heck !

  20. Emma Moyer a lot of people could be tempted to adopt one of those pets without being aware that they are dangerous. it’s a good thing that she insists on that fact!

  21. First of all I ha e to say you are very brave for having a centipede in your bedroom I could never ever even go near them I have a phobia of centipedes and things like that seriously I’m okay with most things like bugs but centipedes I can never do that.

  22. I’m new to your channel and I love it! By the way I’m from the uk, I never knew centerpeeds were venomous! I jumped a bloody mile when your beautiful snake striked haha! Defo subbed!xx

    • SugarrCrystal I got 2 giant african snails they best I wouldn’t change them for the world so cute and love them x

  23. at the start of the video all i can focus on is the man figure standing in the right corner of the frame… 0.0»

  24. Your pets are so cute! But why do you keep venomous pets? You can’t even handle them? No hate. I think it’s cool that you do this, but I was just wondering why.

  25. One time when I was sleeping I felt something crawling on my hair, and I thought I had lice (ikr)
    then I flicked my head and there was a CENTIPEDE CRAWLING ON MY PILLOW, then I ran to the bathroom to get toilet paper (it was stupid) and the centipede was gone, then a couple of months later my mom found the centipede when vacuuming and thank god I didn’t get bit

    • That would be a normal house centipede that was on you. The variety she was showing was an extremely dangerous variety. You will not find them around your home unless you live in a third world country. Centipedes you find in your house rarely bite and are not venomous.

    • GetSetPet house centipedes can and do bite. I got bit by one on the back of my ear and it swelled up 4 times it’s regular size. I always thought they couldn’t bite until I got bit. I ended up going to the ER because it caused bad migraines and migraines trigger me to have seizures. They sent me home with a few days supply of klonopin, ativan, and butalbital and I just slept. Not sure if its common for their bites to do that or if it was just a weird reaction.

  26. hey em! I love your videos a lot btw. But I have a question. Since the centipedes are really venomous and you can’t really see them, What is the reason for you to keep them. I am not trying to be disrespectful, just honestly really curious

  27. Can u please tell me where u got ur crested gecko tank from just started watching but already love ur vids thanks

  28. Going back home to Vietnam soon so hopefully I will not come across those beautiful creatures.(I live in the Uk tho)

  29. Accentuates just how dangerous the centipede is.
    «I can’t see where she is right now.»

  30. I know u are like a really experienced «keeper» but are those cages too small? I don’t know I was just worried for the animals just in case

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