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When there was an explosion in the chemical laboratory Vera got a serious burn – actually she does not have a face. A devoted husband takes care about her …. как нарисовать эпизод из сказки черная курица

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  1. 31:18 chicken with fried potatoes. My kind of thinking.
    34:43 i prefer the red hair. The black takes away from her beauty.

  2. The video make no sense. I agree with other commentary. So I didn’t even watch more than first what 15 minutes where you can already see future of movie. It is very stupid, why would you like doctor suddenly? 😀 You can also see how stupid the movie is by the start: Who in hell does chemical work without protection glasses, AT LEAST. They have almost helmets in the front of their face, even at not so dangerous experiements. >.< Russian movie first time i see such weirdnesses.

    • Many a times people don’t follow recommended safety gear.
      Otherwise the movie storyline is not so good. Here the girl is depicted as a unfaithful opportunistic person.

    • The them is I guess , plastic surgeon created her face from the preserved skin of his dead girlfriend. I have not sufficient data to watch complete movie .

  3. A question to Star Media — why don’t you include RUSSIAN SUBTITLES? My aunty is profoundly deaf so cannot hear the dialogue. Subs in the native language would not only be helpful to her, but also to anyone trying to learn the language.

    • They have another channel Star Media, it`s in Russian, and the films come with russian subtitiles. This channel is for non-russian speakers.

    • Thanks; that’s good to know, so long as they’re NOT AUTO-GENERATED subs, which aren’t worth watching. But not all films are there, eg Sherlock Holmes has no Russian subs.

      I still don’t see why the Russian subs (where they exist) aren’t included here though. After all, yt allows the viewer a choice of subs.

      Additionally, it would be helpful if StarMedia included a link to the film on their other channel (if one exists), so viewers can easily switch to it if they care to.

    • Its easier to use eng sub so peopple arround the world can understand. I’m from indonesia and i like russia movies

    • I agree, but that doesn’t influence my point, which is that a Russian film should have Russian subtitles at the very least. I happen to know that many of these films have Russian subtitles, but the uploaders just have not bothered to make them available.

  4. Totally implausible & silly right from the start… surgeon is clever enough to do any kind of surgery without leaving stitch marks, and as it seems she was given a face transplant (or even a whole head !!!?) there would have been many, many stitches ! The first Russian film that I have disliked.

  5. So the husband was cool with the fact that his wife has been cheating for months? And what happened to the friend? And why were u not questioning who Dasha was sooner after he changed everything about you. And why would you get in the car with the doctor after running off the first time u saw her picture? Why go back after he left u at a party. It was like a crazy Stockholm syndrome train wreck and I couldn’t stop watching

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