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    1. I’m a gay chicken nugget ikr, and when she does asmr sound videos it bothers me because she doesn’t use earphones to hear what kind of sounds she does.

    2. I’m a gay chicken nugget she does deserve it their are other asmr artist you could watch. And just because she’s pretty doesn’t mean anything.

    3. I’m a gay chicken nugget Dont say that! She deserves it. I’m not complaining, you can’t own a YouTube channel without receiving hate, but everybody deserves fans, no matter how horrible their content is..

    1. Username good looking changes with time. it used to be considered good looking to be overweight. or to be of one race. things change.

    2. Chuck Norris hotness is subjective so someone may think they’re rly hot but someone else may think they’re ugly and also some people have bad taste so they may be ugly by choice

  1. Time stamp (mostly for me)
    Intro 0:00-2:07
    Eye picking 2:08-6:43
    Eye making 6:44-9:40
    Eye color picking 9:41-11:21
    Eye color making 11:34-13:49
    Eyelash picking 14:12-15:54
    Eyelash making 16:32-18:52
    Nose picking 19:05-23:32
    Nose making 23:40-25:38
    Eyebrow picking 25:50-27:43
    Eyebrow making 28:00-30:00
    Lip picking 30:09-31:43
    Lip making 32:03-34:44
    Ending 34:45-35:50
    This is my first time doing this so I might have a lot of mistakes

  2. If my maths is right ( probably not ) there are 16,174,080 different combinations of faces you can get from this video which is not a lot considering there are around 7,525,625,000 alive

    1. Ah you’re right. In that case, you could either pick one with no combo, like she stated, so that’s 10, or you could pick combinations. With combinations of 5 eye types and 5 eye distances, that’s another 25, so 35 total for that sheet brings us to 56,609,280! (35×26×36×9×24×8)

    2. Well taking into account that you can mix different features you would actually have 105,131,520 (figure out the math for that if you want to understand)

  3. I fell in love with the video concept…. but it freaks me the hell out… it’s creepy

    Imagine how you start looking… she says your features were removed.

    Maybe it’s not what I imagine… but… it’s creepy

    Also this would make an awesome movie

    People are changing their features with PENCILS.

    (Edit) I never thought any of my comments would get more than five likes

  4. wait… if our features had already been removed, including our eyes, how could we see what we were choosing?
    ISSA JOKE! taylor’s the queen of asmr, hands down

  5. Miranda Ackles same! Thought it looked interesting, I was hooked within minutes and subbed straight away. This is a really cool and original concept for a roleplay. Loved the tapping xx

    1. ultimate randoms I thought that she wasn’t drawing the facial features from nothing. For me she is just changing what’s already there ahhahaha

    1. ethancx ffs, just, die, now I’ve got the grandpa saying “go on Charlie” from willy wonka and the chocolate factory!!! I know it’s from good luck Charlie

    2. Ugh, we got 9 year olds here who don’t understand the reference. That show isn’t even that old, come on :/ All the shows on disney are trash now tsk tsk

  6. It definitely takes about five people to tell Merline that it’s roleplay though right. I don’t think she got it the first time you mentioned it. Let’s all just keep posting the same thing, aye?

  7. Me: (watching asmr videos, and goes to another)
    Me: (Jumps out of chair)

    Edit: Thanks for 550 likes! :DD I’ve never got that many!

  8. «I can see your features have already been removed»

    Wait, so… I don’t have eyes?

    «I will have you look at some of the features now»

    BUT I CANT SEE!!!!

    (Edit, thanks for the likes)

  9. Taylor: So which one do you like?
    Me: The Grey-Green
    Taylor: You like one of the purples?
    Me: No, I like the grey-green
    Taylor: We have a pale purple and then we have a normal purple

  10. I didn’t want purple but she’s very persuasive and now I want purple eyes

    Edit: oh my god thanks for all the likes

    Here is what I wanted:

    •Big eyes + upturned
    •button nose
    •thick in narrow
    •natural + cupid’s bow
    How about you?

  11. I hate the fact that ppl r hating on her for the things she does in the video like Its a ROLEPLAY not REAL LIFE! Of course pencils aren’t «advanced technology» what else is she supposed to use? What do u expect her to travel in the future? And of course she may not be picking the freaking eye color u want… she can’t hear youu!!

    • ok… I’m done

  12. Everyone is complaining about how it’s not the eye color they picked, but I want to know how it looks to have no facial features, it sounds disturbing

  13. Did anyone notice that we have a feature less face and she is asking us to look at the different types of facial features when we have not eyes

  14. taylor: you like one of the purples?
    me: no thanks!
    taylor: we have pale purple
    me: I don’t want purple
    taylor: then we have a normal purple,
    me: listen to me, I don’t want purple, I WANT RED
    taylor: but your range is very wide-
    me: so I can chose any?
    taylor:- so you can pick any purple you like
    taylor: you can do a pastel kinda purple
    me: I don’t want purple stahp I don’t want any purple
    taylor: or you can do a deeper kinda purple
    me: one more time with the purple
    taylor: (scratches paper)
    me: he- hello?
    taylor: oh you want a deeper purple!

    (tbh, this wasn’t hard to do, I just wanted to be weird and be chough*funny*chough)
    im not hating on asmr darling

    1. …like in that one Ryan higa video…. Or was it the mouths on the eyes? It’s been months since I watched that.

      But um-
      We can smell through out eyes now? But we’re blind! Not worth it! 😀

  15. Taylor: And now I will do your eyebrows.
    Do you want your eyebrows to be the same colour as your hair?

    Me: Yeah

    *picks out brown pencil*

    Me: Umm i think my hair is black

    *proceeds to do eyebrows*

    *thinks to self where can I get my refund? *

  16. «the face clinic» makes me think of some kind of horror hospital which rips off your face and sticks it on the wall or something.

    other than that I really love the video! ^^

    1. Invisibility’s Fox you have now mentally scarred me for life……

      Now if u excuse me I’ll be over in the Starbucks and cat compilations section.

  17. Some people just don’t have ANY idea of what «imagination» or «role play» means. Those who comment: how I’m supposed to look at the images if I don’t have eyes? Or how can I speak without a mouth?…….. if you’re trying to sound «smart», you’re doing the opposite. Btw I really liked the video, I think it was an original idea. (Sorry for bad English)

  18. 13:04 «thats it! your eyes are glowing right now!»

    me: -dont do it-


    -juST BE QUI—


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