331 thoughts on “ASMR Learn How To Draw Anime in Your Sleep

    1. Antonio Deschamps lmao your picture is so funny! The soviets would have murdered you for being gay yet you decided to use the hammer and sickle to express your gay pride.

  1. You should do a review on super , like an asmr video of ur fav anime moments or fights
    Maybe reviews on recent shows or upcoming shows ur excited for ?

  2. Definitely a series! Maybe even draw a character and tell about a favorite story or scene involving that character. Or make your own? Story/art-time with Sensei!

  3. This was so chill, loved the whole thing — especially the bit when you were going over the hair 🙂 Just an idea, maybe not for the next one but somewhere down the line, I think it’d be cool to see you redraw a character in a different style. For example, Naruto in the style of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, or an original character in multiple styles, then you can compare complexity, time taken, and the difference in effect caused by the different styles.

  4. Hey @ASMR-SENSEI I really need help on drawing ‘figures’ because i can draw a head but i can draw a matching proportional body to save my life

  5. Hey Sensei, I’m not sure if you add fans or not, but what’s your psn? I was wondering if we could play overwatch or something sometime if you wanted

  6. Definitely make it a series I would love this I just started drawing about a month ago. And I’m getting significantly better due to your videos and other keep up the great work

  7. Who were you trying to draw? No saying the drawing is bad, but is that based of a character or a character you made. I really like the drawing, and the ASMR! But it looks kind of like Super Trunks during the cell saga!

  8. not trying to be corrective but I think it’d be called manga, and I know that’s the books but I think an anime drawing is manga still.

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