1 730 thoughts on “BABY IN DANGER ☠ Who’s Your Daddy Skit + Gameplay w/ Shawn vs Knife, Fire, Glass & More (FGTEEV Fun)

    1. Hey FGTeev you could go through vents one in the trophy room in the corner and one up stairs in the hallway and the one in the trophy room takes you to the backyard and the up stairs vent takes you to the kitchen and the baby can go in the oven and baby will die and daddy will have a roasted baby and for real mommy is in the game and she comes at 4am or pm

    1. christina konecki the fire and the broken glass were photoshop and they set up everything else. They would never have those dangers without supervision. 1 1

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    1. FleffyIcry I know like cool videos it’s so funny like Funnel Vision that is like so funny super duper funny I want to meet him someday. Someday I will I will and by the way my name is Alexander

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