Bathing My Pets — How I Bathe All My Animals

In this video I will be sharing with you how I bathe my pets. Bathing my pets isnt just as simple as putting my animals in the bath tub and showering them.. как нарисовать животных водоемов

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  1. Hey Creatures! Welcome back to another video! Today, I’ll be showing you how I bathe my different pets. Also, I’m sorry about the audio — for the past few weeks my audio settings have been a mess and I can’t figure out whats wrong. I’ll have that sorted soon! Also, Grinchy’s new avaiary has arrived and will be erected on the 17th — I cant wait!
    I’ve also been working hard on my new studio space for my upcoming new series, so be sure to hit that notification bell! XXX Em

  2. Hey Em are you still going to pet fest because I know there was a location change. Also I would love if you could do a blue tongue skink creature feature!

    • No I won’t be going. I’ll be taking time out to focus on getting my head straight xxxx Have fun though! It’s going to be amazing! Xx

  3. Hello em tis I once again -love Chad, Devin’s fur baby

    Hi em love the video 🙂 also I don’t think YouTube can handle all the animals because it says 3 views and 46 likes or 26 idk

    • Dan Libstorff sadly I won’t be able to make it. I have to work on myself a bit because my state of mind isn’t the best right now. I know the event will be amazing though 🙂 have fun!

  4. I love u so much I love all of ur animals… presto has grown so much… vedio idea cleaning out my animal cages

    • Emzotic thank u so much I really love ur leggings I’m a really big fan also a vedio idea clean some of ur animal cages… my favorite was fluffy and all of. Snakes…. love u so much… thank u agin.. pleas replie back plz.. ; )

  5. Your animals are the cutest and you inspired me to get my ferret her name is Jasmine and I loved the video so much. I think you should do a creature feature. Love ❤️ you. Also where can you buy the ferret shampoo?

  6. Unpopular opinion: I realised her intro is supposed to be pretty and professional but it looks a little tacky. Like I’m a huge fan of gold and black but with the music and everything im a little conflicted I guess

  7. when you say many ball pythons and hognoses are over fed in captivity, how often should i be feeding them?

  8. I have a question?i have 2 parakeets.can I spray them with water and also how do i tame them i have been doing every thing that i need to do.but i get nothing

    • Spray them with a light shower of sterilised water from a distance. Parakeets absolutely love bathing. And to tame them, I suggest feeding them treats with your fingers. This will encourage them to like you a bit better.

  9. Omg I’m so happy I get too watch my favorite YouTuber on the 4 yesterday I got 2 rats ones a blue and ones a Siberian Dumbo rat

  10. I love your videos. I started watching just last month and I fell in love with your videos. I am 15 going on 16 wanting to be a zookeeper. Do you have any suggestions for books or first time pets other than a cat or a dog?

    • Brian is a phenomenal reptile YouTuber you can really tell Brian loves his animals and that he does the best for them how are you going to keep over 700 reptiles and have them all in fancy enclosures he has the necessities of what they need so if you’re going to throw shade on another YouTuber make sure your channels better

    • Shelby Mayne Their channel doesn’t have to be better, or decent even. It’s called an OPINION. If you’re claiming he has 700 reptiles and apparently can’t give them the proper enrichment they deserve he shouldn’t have any animals at all.

    • strawberry cherries they are all for selling other than his breeders he has sticks in there for the boas he has water bowls but why is he going to go all out for reptiles he is selling that makes no sense his reptiles are happy and healthy. He’s a professional he knows what he’s doing. And yes if your going to judge someone by how he’s taking care of his animals on his channel make sure your channel can compete

  11. My video request is enrichment suggestions for different animals including the importance of enrichment. I think many pet owners don’t realise how important enrichment is for mental and physical health, or don’t realise that animals get bored of toys after having them for a while just like humans do. Pet shops and breeders rarely tell people about this sort of thing!

  12. Hey girl hey! Sorry I haven’t been watching. Been busy and sucked into a stupid show. Lol. Ur great as always. One question. I’m a little confused. Is it okay to put my bunny in water? She’s a holland lop and I want to make sure that she can. Can bunnies swim? Is it needed for bathing? I know they are clean creatures but is extra help needed? Thanks Em!!!

    • It isn’t safe to bathe your rabbit in water, as said it can cause shock. Rabbits naturally stay away from deep water. The best thing for a bit of extra cleaning is probably small animal wipes and a brush x

    • Rabbits are creatures that I wouldn’t feel comfortable washing unless absolutely essential, for example if they had a toxic substance on themselves. Consult your vet first before attempting, because it’s very possible that they can go into shock xxx

  13. OHMYGOODNESS I almost died of cuteness during this video! They are all so sweet, and I can tell that you take such good care of them! You are such an amazing YouTuber and you are just so inspiring and I just love you!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️also, I love how this is so sweet and yet you used a lot of science and information in it!

  14. It’s beautiful to see all those animals thriving in those perfect conditions that you two provide them! ❤

  15. Wait…since when has there been a baby dove?! O.O I love Fluffy and Zombie ^-^/ so cute. All your animal babies are so lucky to have such a good hooman caring for them =)

  16. Hello, I have a question for you Emzotic or anyone in the comment section. How do you feel about owning a rattlesnake or any venomous snakes as a pet?

    • lilMalevolent It’s irresponsible to keep a venemous snake as a pet, IMO. Obviously some people need to keep them for breeding and creating anti venom. But otherwise, it’s just too high of a risk to public safety. One mistake and your snake getting loose could kill someone.

    • I Pet Zombies I agree with your statement. I know someone who owns a few — I don’t know how many- snakes. I assumed they where pythons, but I just learnt that he owns a baby rattle snake and it bit him on his finger. I honestly don’t know why, unless you are a scientist, a person would own a rattlesnake.

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