BIGEGEST SHARK THAT EVER LIVED — Giant prehistoric Shark ‘The Megaloden’

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762 Replies to “BIGEGEST SHARK THAT EVER LIVED — Giant prehistoric Shark ‘The Megaloden’”

    • +DJGAMER : hard to say really- as the extinct whales become more plentiful, then wha t is megladon still eating? Maybe it froze and will thaw with global warming and then a noticeable loss in the bigger food items drops to extinction levels again, will we see the existence of these beasts. seems also like the great white sightings any attacks are on the rise may indicate that something is eating food sources in the oven and the coastal areas are their ptimary hunting grounds now. with the tagging taking place maybe we will learn where the bigger great whites do go, or if they become prey of something bigger hmm. bring on he results of tagging of the sharks in youtube!.

    • it died because the whales were going to cold
      waters so it ran out prey to hunt and feast on so it died out so ya any away thanks

    • I wasnt aware that a shark had a neck of any proportion. Perhaps you could elaborate. Where exactly does the head stop and the neck begin????

  1. dunkleosteus was a prehistorce fish that lived millions years before megalodon and was not a shark or bigger than megalodon

    • You are correct »it was huge, very wide, with a metre tall dorsal fin». That was an actual witness statement from an attack off Australia that ripped the victim in half instantly. The fisheries officer who took the statement decided to report its size as officially 6m but unofficially the witnesses agreed it was more like 8m.

  2. I’m confused about the estimated lengths vs. the real lengths of the Squalodon: I’ve read that they can be 3 meters (10 feet) and according to this documentary they’re 7 to 9 meters (25 to 30 feet) in length…does anyone know which size Squalodon was actually at?

    • +Lexicon Games
       Huh. You wouldn’t happen to know the Genus/Species of this type of Squalodon would you? I’ll look it up in the meantime between time too.

    • Chewed? A Megalodon would hardly bother with you… Even supposing it would, you’d be swallowed whole in an instant due to the current of water the suction from opening his mouth would create… You’d likely survive and die a horrible death from digestion fluids inside this thing’s gut. If the closing of the jaw does touch you, you’d get sliced in half instantly and die without feeling a thing.

  3. »It was large, very wide, with a metre tall dorsal fin». That was an actual witness statement from an attack off Australia that ripped the victim in half instantly. The fisheries officer who took the statement decided to report its size as officially 6m but unofficially the witnesses agreed it was more like 8m.

    • I think Megalodons still are alive yet in the deepest part of the ocean, this is because 99% of our ocean still hasn’t been discovered so there still is a chance they are still out there and there jeans got used to colder temp. But who knows…

    • +Olivia : D​ I think that although that is a remote possibility, the odds are very slim. I have a theory that they never went anywhere, they just got smaller over thousands of years to cope with the ice age and they got smaller to be more efficient. The Great White shark was megaladon. Just the same as dinosaurs never went extinct! We see them every day in birds. They are just examples of how brilliantly life can adapt to survive.! Wow I wish I wrote like this back in school!

    • No it’s not. Stop it with this bullshit. WTF would it eat down there? Sperm Whales? Predatory animals as big as it, with powerful head-buts and a health appetite too? Yeah, right…

    • +Madalin Grama Whatever! I see it clearly! Science just don’t want to see it! The Darwin crowd! They spent years developing this fake ass prognostic belief and it’s wrong! End of story! They want you to believe this bullshit and it’s wrong!

  4. I just LOVE sharks..I certainly don’t want any loved ones,or good people to be attacked.BUT OTHER THAN DOLPHINS, THEY’RE JUST THE COOLEST creatures in the ocean,and in fresh water,obviously(bull sharks) I really don’t like orcas,by the way! Sharks kick ass

    • SUP3R IDK personally I haven’t seen film but doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist or hasn’t been documented. Plus Orcas are not the only ones in the ocean to one up Great Whites, Salt Water Crocs have Dolphins have done damage to get away from them. Honestly on any given day anything can happen

    • +Project Fatal Gaming I’m aware of that, but we simply don’t know. But just saying ‘Great whites kill Orcas’ is wrong.

    • SUP3R Absolutely right it is wrong to say it but I’ve seen pics of Orcas with chunks taken out of them unless there is some crazy predator we’re not aware of the only other logical explanation is a great white killed it and I’m aware pictures can be faked idk I just find it hard to believe that one kills the other so easily. But I definitely could be wrong on it guess time will tell

    • Hawk Bray megaoloadon ate WHALES. Whales PRIMARY spend their time in the top areas of the ocean. Meg would follow whales. If the whale went to the surface the shake would attack there. If it dove to 300 feet it would attack there. If it dove to 1000 it would attack there. They wouldn’t just attack in one spot. The whale would die and float to the surface because dead whales float. Why have We never found a dead whale with a 10nfoot bite. It’s not just this guy. Thousands of scientists explain every year how they know its dead and people like you are too stupid to understand why your arguments are horrible. I haven’t explored all the deserts over the planet but I can tell you penguins don’t live there.

    • olivia o’neil Based on what evidence? Just 1 single individual adult Meg weighed 50 tons & needed 2500 lbs of food per day so unless it’s still the golden age of whales down at the deepest oceans..

  5. In sharks, the shape of the teeth usually tells you what they eat. Long thin teeth generally suggest fish and squid. While large triangular teeth suggest mammals are the primary diet. I would assume the purpose of the triangle shape is to sever as many arteries as possible and of course cut large pieces of meat off the body. An unusual hybrid is the Tiger shark. It’s teeth are triangular but are curved like a can opener…Turtles are their primary diet. (although Tigers will eat damn near anything). also large animals tend to be more intelligent that smaller ones, i wouldn’t count on Megalodon to be stupid. If you wanted to search for a surviving Meg in today’s Oceans, look for the whales.

  6. «BIGEGEST SHARK THAT EVER LIVED» that we know of. There have been many plant eating dinosaurs discovered over the past few decades and they seem to be getting larger and larger. It’s possible that there was once a shark even bigger than Megalodon.

  7. I have a black megladone tooth that was found at a deer camp, in a bank that was dug out. 7 or 8 were collected and I’m sure there’s more.

  8. actually we have a bigger apex predator after the great whiter shark, the killer whale. oh darn 2014 i should have… nevermind.

    • Simple: it was so big that it could only feed on whales. The climate changed, all the toothless wahles migrated towards the poles, in very cold water and Megalodon, being a very big, cold blooded vertebrate just couldn’t follow them there, so it slowly starved to death. The orca and the Great White Shark, which had lived in Megalodon’s shadow until then (the orcas might have actually been on the menu themselves) had no such problems. Well, the Great White couldn’t swim in the polar waters either, but it most certainly wasn’t confined to the tropics and the equator, so it was able to adapt. Plus, it can actually live on seals and walruses, cause it’s smaller. Megalodon COULD NOT.

  9. It would be amazing if scientists could pull some DNA from the teeth, or some leftover cartilage and bring one (or more) of these back to life. I’d pay good money to see one. Yeah, I didn’t learn my lesson from Jurassic Park. Imagine if they breached like the sharks from South Africa…what a sight that would be, to see something the size of a city bus flying completely out of the water…

    • Dana Cleary not a black shark, a black shark expert. An African American male or female, who is an expert in sharks.

    • Jeff Froment This is actually something I’ve always said. Is it likely? No, probably not, but is it possible? Yes. Not long ago, they discovered a species that had been thought to be extinct in the deep sea. Why not the Megaladon? It’s possible.

    • Scott R it’s impossible to pull DNA from anything over 400 to 500 years unless it was frozen so these sharks ain’t coming back

    • Yeah, all the camera’s are set up and they’re walking on the beach and suddenly it’s «Oh, look what I found». Why it’s a Megeladon tooth. Nice, clean, shiny and perfectly formed. GIVE-ME-A-BREAK.

    • patrick bleichner I kept thinking the same thing…..I’m supposed to just believe after ten years of looking, nothing. But, after National Geographic cameras are rolling, you find a million year old tooth on the outer layer of some dirt as you walk.

  10. So you mean to tell me after 12 million years the tooth only went up about 6 inches from the shore line? Come on man. God created all animals and He killed them all except those on the ark. We are finding them in fossil forms because it was a flood and not a meditator. If it were, the bones would be disintegrated. They are using a very inaccurate method known as carbon dating to guess the age to what they think but they have no clue.

  11. Everytime I hear the words «Sea of Cortez» I know it’s the same old discredited bull shit about Megeladon. C’mon, either get something new or just shut up.

  12. Oh wow they found something else they don’t know about. And made up fiction stories as if they know what their talking about they might as well find facts rather than putting fiction in our public schools

  13. I thought the dunkleouteus was bigger than megalodon but theres a shsrk that lived in the past that still lives today

    • ShotgunsCentral in length there are other sea creatures bigger and maybe some dinosaurs close to its length

  14. The megaladon is the biggest shark of all its possible that another shark can be bigger than the megaladon it might be a blue whale the king of whales have a different spelling of whale whaile they call it a megaladon because its mega as in they can

    • Du gong,capital of viet nam~just kidding~~i recently got to see close up florida’s manatees…only animal up here that size are elk/bears~it was pretty neat experience seeing them live as opposed to tv~~

    • CHEVYedsf you do realise american pronunciations are not original, universal or correct, yes? only you guys talk that way.

    • Megalodon would most likely win in a 1v1 but mosasaurus was more successful as a species as far as we know

    • Mosasaur was smaller and weighed less (the biggest Megalodon was actually around 20 meters and the mosasaur only 18, and a big part of the lengh was it’s tail)

    • It is interesting how mosasaurs usurped the throne of lamniform sharks so quickly, but they didn’t have to compete with carcharhiniform sharks (e.g. bull sharks, tiger sharks, giant snaggletooths, hammerheads, etc.) which are generally more adaptable than lamniforms & these didn’t become diverse until well after the dinosaurs. More successful than lamniforms? Probably. More adaptable/dominant than sharks in general? Very speculative. & we all know they are at the mercy of extinction events, sharks have survived several extinction events

  15. What if Meg were more like a bull shark? He would then have loads of small teeth, and likely be bigger than a bus. Comparing the teeth of a Meg tooth near a Bull tooth, there isn’t much immediate difference. I just looked.

  16. Impossible. If the orca would have whiped out megalodon there would have to be an enourmous pod of them. The megalodon would probably kill 5 of the orcas.

  17. «Mah-ree-land»

    Nah, mate. It’s «Mer-ih-lund.»

    Edit: Where did these 55 likes come from? Honestly, you guys, don’t you have anything better to do than liking random grammar corrections on flimsily-pronounced words in a documentary?

  18. The Bigegest is a fearsome beast. Tales of this beast date back to 5,000 BCE, when man was still young. The beast was said to be taller than a mammoth and as wide as a snake. It was known for its long, dangerous tusks that it would wield in battle with other bigegest of similar proportion. The winner from this display of dominance would gain a harem of bigegest, usually a mix of male and female, whom the winner, be it male or female, would mate with furiously. Because the bigegest was highly bisexual, more homosexual than anything, it died out fairly quickly.

  19. Some scientists believe that the reason the megalodon went extinct because of climate change which caused whales(they’re main food source) to move to deeper/colder waters which the megalodon could not follow so they eventually starved to death from lack of food,and died out, but some believe the megalodon could of adapted and went to deep waters where we haven’t explored just yet because most of the ocean has not been explored

  20. The most dangerous and feared predators in the ocean? No. Most feared, yes, but definitely not the most dangerous. Killer Whales are the most dangerous predators in the ocean.

    • Sims 3 Forever Dude We don’t even know the behavior of the sharks the could have traveled in groups btw we are the most deadly animals on earth if we wanted we could wipe out every other animal species in 100 years if we all stoped what we were doing and put all of our effort into that so yeah debate over

    • In a realistic encountor we couldn’t do anything like say if you fishing on a 20 ft boat and say a megaladon flips your boat a gun isn’t gonna do anything if underwater how every a spearfiahing pole could kill a orca if shot the right in one shot btw just shoot the water orcas are dumber than you thing pod of 5 orca vs 13 or 10 dolphins dolphins win

  21. MEGALODON NOT MEGALODEN! Sorry I take things that relate to my favorite animal, Sharks, very offensively

    -Serena XD

  22. they do believe monkey is human ancestor but cant believe great white is megalodon evolving due to low amount of food

  23. They tell Us that this shark, that had no predators, went extinct because it just couldn’t give birth to enough baby sharks. Lmao, I guess that’s the kind of crazy stuff you come up with when you don’t have an asteroid to blame

    • Do you have any mathematics to provide an alternate explanation of the teeth? Because the fact that you think predators are the only paradigm within a biota’s survival clearly shows your ignorance.

    • It was because of the water temperature changing that their prey went away and that they were left alone with no food and that the cold water was the reason for the babies

    • Coffee is a drug like marijuana there are myriad theories regarding species extinction. maybe use a bit less marijuana so you can think clearer.

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