311 thoughts on “BRAND NEW PIXELMON TYCOON — Pokemon Go Tycoon Gamemode — Minecraft Pixelmon minigame

    1. Ok dude please learn how to spell and Saric92 he does that because it’s what MOST of his viewers want to see he can’t just upload something only a few people want to see that’s not good for him or his channel

    2. Aiden Globensky more like don’t just vanish the series out of nowhere not making a statement out of it not like his fans were enjoying each episode when it came out. His pixelmon is always a glorified minigame of battling his friends when he could of done that in his series.. which also I don’t see how people like the minigames more than the actual series, which also counters how does the minigames manage to be more entertaining when it’s the same thing over and over again with no new objective in the long run…. (as you can see I’m very salty about Jerome and his vanish ball of series he has)

  1. kindergarden gets out before first grade they are earlyest and augest is the soonest they can call school in it is possible for them to call school in in september atlest thats how it is where i am

  2. Blades som get off for so long i always gwt of end of june and back end of august or sept 1st but even in kindergarden it was the same time

    1. Got that right. Imma be a Freshman after Summer and I have to go back to school on the 6th of September. But I get out of school on the 25th of June.

  3. you might want to have blade set warps to various biomes, because with you all being limited in what you find and the distance you can travel, it wont make for very interesting or diverse battles. just a bit of constructive criticism.

  4. Iron : Aron
    Gold : pikachu
    Diamond : magikarp
    Emerald : larvitar

    But when the lvl up the eveole?
    1 like = a better chance for Jerome to see it

  5. Jerome can u plz do a committed pixelmon island series, because your past 2 series have just disappeared without warning and I know that all of your viewers would love to see a long lasting series

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