Chibi(Dragon House) vs Ace Ventura

Battle of the Robots Chibi vs Ace! Epic battle at Shut Up and Dance.. как нарисовать дом дракона

53 Replies to “Chibi(Dragon House) vs Ace Ventura”

  1. Ive seen the same videos from different camera people, and yours is by far the best as the camera movement is more limited. The other peoples’ videos are either grainy, or the movement is so bad, it makes your eyes hurt and takes away from the dancers moves. Keep working at less movement and you definitely have an edge in posting videos such as this, which will increase subscribers bigtime! Thanks again — PLR

  2. I just died this doesn’t even feel like robotic music,and no yes i didn’t hear the whole song,heard 5 seconds of it or  a little more,and now i wanna kill myself -_- 

  3. hi i from in mexico i a big fan of dragon house  the songs are:
    1: The Dazz Band-JOYSTICK
    2.The Bar-Kays — Freakshow On The Dance Floor

  4. Chibi’s moves are more minute accurate stop than most people. Its like he has those new gen motors that operate those robotics factories.

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