1 656 thoughts on “Danielle Bregoli Roasting Danielle Cohn

    1. 1.732050807568877293527446341505 872366942805253810 Danielle Cohn too why is she famous?!?Danielle Breogli actually makes music.All Danielle Cohn is doing is lip syncing on a app.

    1. That One Weird Chick That actually makes a lot of sense, but check Google. If she’s actually 11 than she really needs to chill with photo shop

    1. Instant Fred’s
      When I came back to this thread I usually like all of the comments. But now I remember whybi didn’t like this one

    2. Just a Music Note, I ain’t here trying to get likes. I’m not a thirsty hoe…unlike someone. I’m just here standing up for someone which is Daniele Bregoli. Keep your fucking nose in you business

  1. Are you sure you have that MLP nickname just got shoot in your head? Sure there was no Rainbow dash comment? Like under a before they were famous video? me?

  2. So, I am 11.
    But i don’t dress like im hitting up the club on Friday night.
    I actually like clothes.
    My crush is actually my age or atleast just a few months older.
    Just why. Danielle Cone.

  3. you’re supposed to be roasting danielle cohn…. danielle bregoli is roasting and thats what she’s been asked to do so you don’t need to roast her lmao
    EDIT: woah thanks for those likes!!!

    1. JustDestiny Can i roast u.. No? well im still gonna. Bro u sound fuckin gay af also if u think people’s music is trash y bother listening to it n plus y u got a fucking girl name, sorry not sorry just had to cover that up.

    1. Ashley Story What shit are you on, her supposed birth year is 2004, if you even had half a brain that would mean she is either 12 or 13 years old, depending on what day her birthday is, Lmao stay in school kids!

      Lmao ’16’. Deadass.

  4. I find it funny how you roast all of them yet agree on Denielle.B. Like in the end your the one who is roasting little girls behind a screen. And Denielle.B songs are actually not too bad.

    1. Danielle b is actually a bad singer and rapper,my sister and me could take her out any second so if y’all see tell her I wanna say»cash me out side how bout that».

    1. P e a c h y Bregoli is 15, WE got her famous because without us reacting to her catch phrase she would be nothing, she can rap, Hi Bich is a banger, she doesn’t photoshop her pics, she doesn’t lie about her age, she went to school until 6th grade then was homeschooled, she isn’t dating 17 yo guys, she lived on her own with her mom having cancer : she deserves something. Cohn is 12, she wants to be famous by bellydancing like Malu but she unfortunately became unfamous, she can’t sing without autotune, Marilyn Monroe is a flop (not even), she photoshops like a kWeEn, she lies a lot, she stopped school at 8yo, she’s dating 17yo guys, she wears too much makeup for her age, she acts to grown, everything is fake on her….Then spot the differences

  5. The second Danielle is roasting the first Danielle and JustDestiny is roasting the Second Danielle ( really nice job JustDestiny )………( that sentence is true btw )

  6. I honestly don’t know why this parasite is talking smack bout this other lil noob,that’s just hypocrisy right there smh..where’s the bleach at.

  7. How is Danielle Bregoli gonna roast someone for something just as bad as what she does and think what she does herself is OK like wh wh WHAT!

    1. Mckailin Green wtf you talking bout like that Cohn corn hair you should be telling her to chill she be making fun of black people like Danielle be photoshopping

  8. I don’t like her but she said «I don’t gotta be a doctor or a surgeon but you can’t fix a heart that ain’t broken» she never said she was a doctor.

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