Dog and Cat Speed Draw: Part 2, Dog’s White Whiskers

Here you can see with more detail how I drew the white whiskers of the dog. This was done AFTER embossing the page where the white whiskers would go, …. как нарисовать белая собака

3 Replies to “Dog and Cat Speed Draw: Part 2, Dog’s White Whiskers”

  1. Thank you. It’s not too fast and a delight to watch.
    However, the music — while having a nice melodic hookline and providing for an overall relaxing air nicely becoming to getting lost in watching you draw — gets repetitive after a while; i.e. this one piece/track of music is too short for the video, rather than the reverse (the music should complement you here not vice versa).
    A minor concern, since one can turn it off and put something else on meanwhile — or maybe it’s just me, but still, thought I’d mention it. I understand it’s not easy to implement music without violating any copyrights.

    • So true! I thought the music was too repetitive but didn’t want to ask my editor to change it and upload it again. I’ll find a better piece for longer speed draws, next time around. Thanks for your patience and feedback!

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