1 526 thoughts on “DRAW MY LIFE — Lucas and Marcus

  1. Does it really even matter if they include the team 10 part like its just one thing that happened in their life like we all know the team 10 thing can we just appreciate the video

    1. Lav_ girl team 10 has mention them when they just left & they didn’t reply so why mention them now & they won’t answer… But their happy it looks like they don’t want to be in team 10 anymore

  2. I was literally rewatching all of their videos yesterday and i thought why haven’t they done draw my life yet it’s quite fun and then BOOM! they uploaded this today and i got really happy. THANK YOU I LOVE YOU GUYS ❤

    1. Alivia Wayne Actually… No. Vine made them famous. If they didn’t want to talk about Team 10 then leave them alone. They probably didn’t like it there.

    1. Love watching gamming youtuber I really don’t care I’m entitled to my opinion, and if you don’t care for my opinion don’t wast your time to comment

  3. MaggyVideos people is talking about it because most of us know them from team 10 & it a little bit unfair for them not to say anything about them

    1. Nekyla Butler But still everyone would know what their talking about. Everyone that is fighting about team ten would know what they are talking about. It would be no different.

  4. they didn’t mention team ten bc it’s not a happy part of their life and it’s not something that they wanna talk about stop hating on them
    Edit: thanks for all the likes, normal people would ask for subs but I just wanna say that Lucas and Marcus would appreciate that u understand if they saw this

    1. Ixtchel Urbano thats not a happy part of their life the team 10 is full of prank and there quited beacuse they miss there family if im check like this ahahhahah lol

    1. Maybe because there’s so much drama and they just don’t want to get in it by saying something about team10, that’s what I think at least

    1. Yeah, sorry about that. I’ts just my opinion though. I don’t really like them, but they have a lot of fans. They seem like good people though

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