Draw Star Wars Characters as My Little Pony Mash Up | Fun Art by Fun2draw

Hand draw and colour, color, My Little Pony — Star Wars Character Mash Up ☆ I’m drawing Star Wars movie characters as cute sweet ponies with pony bodies, …. игра my little pony как нарисовать

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  1. I love it so much and I draw it and it became really nice I just love your drawings they help me to make it really nice

  2. Keep up fun2draw, the only question is why haven’t you got more subscribers than pewdiepie? Also, may you please do a tutorial on Percy Jackson?

    • +Fun2draw you are an amizing human being not just for your talent but fir your kindess keep going on and dont listen ti those haters

    • +Fun2draw hi fun2draw just going to tell you I changed my name im no longer Daisy trewq I did this because I reallybdid not like my name just a reminder p.s remember haters are spys and are sent by their evil boss they hate just for the money plus I bet they cant draw a good circle well I love you byeee♥♥♥♡♡♡

  3. Can you please try to start a series based on the funko pops? They have a cute style so can you start a series on drawing them?

  4. These look cool! I like the storm trooper one the best! Could you draw a cartoon Newt from the maze runner?

  5. +Fun2draw thanks for replying so quick to my comment and I wish you all the best for the future

    • +Javian Joy Albina I’ve drawn over 600+ cute easy things on my Fun2draw channel including lots of food 😀 keep Fun2drawing!

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