25 thoughts on “Dry Camping Fun at Whitewater Draw AZ

  1. Thanks for the great video.  Gonna have my DW watch it.  She will probably whip out her bird book and attempt to identify everything there…if she doesn’t already know.

    1. +RxMixer haha, my wife has one of those bird books too. One day they had some kind of birder meet up, never seen so may huge binoculars and spotting scopes in my life.

    1. I checked and these birds have a very large migratory route. Othello,Wa. is on the edge of a national wildlife refuge and a great place for all kinds of wildlife watching.

  2. Great video! We have up to 4 at a time show up in our yard that I video. But wow! I have never seen that many at a time before. That’s beautiful! Was that many taking of at once super loud? The ones in my yard get going & I start cracking up how loud they can get 🙂   

    1. We were there in the middle of February and it was nice with lots of birds. Any earlier and it still could be cold, the elevation is up around 4000 feet.

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