[ENG] 150602 [BTS in NAVER STAR CAST] BTS’ Lucky Draw — EP 3 (Hide and Seek)

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992 Replies to “[ENG] 150602 [BTS in NAVER STAR CAST] BTS’ Lucky Draw — EP 3 (Hide and Seek)”

  1. i am the only one who thinks that suga looked reeeeaaaally hot at the very beginning when trying to open the little ball? like omg he’s such a macho, the face he made tho. but then he made that cute sound, that «yey» at 0:42 hahaha min suga has such a double personality, at first he’s all tough, then cute, then tough again, i pity all those yoongi’s biased (as me)

  2. This is hilarious! Suga and taehyung’s butt tho. LOL
    Is it just me, or taehyung’s outfit in this is a bit… idk

    • Why does everyone keep talking bout his outfit. I , in my opinion, didn’t mind. Everyone fines way to be comfy and he looks adorable. Everyone has their own style. Good or bad

    • diwyacitta dirda gupita do you call yourself and actually army making fun of how he dresses because that’s honestly hilarious if you think your an army

  3. Syub-syubie is so cute when he imitate V’s legendary giggle xD and «I’m going to kill you» is scary but still cute xD

  4. Anyone know what type of shoes Jungkook is wearing? I want some! 🙂

    I love how stylish everyone looks and then there V… hahaha

  5. Hahahahaha I cant stop laughing! It was so funny! Their expressions killed me ! I’m anticipating the next episode. BTS FIGHTING!! Sarangheo! Thank you so much for working hard for yours ARMYS!!

    • +Wild Annie *gropes yoongi’s body*
      *gropes yoongi’s face*
      *shoves his butt to yoongi’s face*

      yoongi: ((((calm down min suga there’s camera you can control yourself))))

    and Jungkook WHAT ARE YOU LOL ninja huh?
    Jhope you cute lil thingy ‘ beebo’ HAHAHAH smile and laugh more babe. It sounds so perfect:>
    SUGA GOT DAT BOOTY :> that part is the best LOL

  7. Wait a sec…I can’t be the only one that finds Yoongi’s «I’m going to kill you» sexy beyond belief right? …Or is it just me? ^^;;

  8. When V was getting closer and closer to Suga with his Butt
    I was like «no no no ! That’s Suga just no!» And when his butt finally touches plus his hands travelled Suga’s face I was like «HE DARED TO TOUCH SUGA OH MAN!»

  9. Jungkookie using his dance skills hahahaha,this made me laugh so much,I got very excited and I wasn’t even playing hahahahaha

  10. maybe v knew he was touching suga’s THING.(from how hard it was) that’s why he kept touching it and teasing him. v knew suga was there afterwards so he went there again deliberately to test suga’s limit.
    *the thoughts of a perverted army*

  11. Suga: «Everyone, was this entertaining?»
    Hell yeah it was hilarious I lmao haha and I still cant believe Yoongi got buttfaced rofl
    love these dorks so much <333

  12. Rapmon being the real ninja in the game though. Smart move to position himself where all the noise happens lol.

  13. Rap Monster choosing a place at the back/camera side and near where the ‘commentary’ was coming from, and not quite at the wall, gave him an advantage. Even the members seemed to forget he was still playing! Commentary ignored him.

    Jungkook was awesome here, even with those heavy shoes! 🙂

  14. Does any1 know where v got his jumper from if u do plz let me know ASAP cuz I wanna get it for my birthday next mounth

  15. ah… people need to stood picking on v’s outfit lol. he is adorable and I love his jumper. any1 know where he got it I want it

  16. Am I the only one who thinks the way Suga said «I will kill you’ at 4:12 is so hot? His voice was asdfghjkl

  17. Was I the only one who felt like jelly when I saw Suga’s smile at 0:19? O_O

    Oh god, Jungkook and dat skill ‘do X3

  18. Rap monster is going to be on Running Man on September 20th, along with Kyuhyun from Suju, and Yeeun from Wonder girls 😀

  19. I seriously think that Suga should be the leader. His glare is no joke and everyone seems afraid of him haha

    • +Lăzărescu Andra Well, even tho Rapmon has the official title of leader, the actual role of leadership is really shared between Rapmon and Suga, and often J-Hope as well. Rapmon’s said before that he didn’t want to be the leader and didn’t think that he was suited for it (tho I think he does fine). They all watch over the members and provide both correction and support, each in their own ways.

    • +SaVanityVan It’s just my opinion but I don’t think Jhope fits the leader role lol. He can be serious at times, he basically hangs out with the maknae line and do weird stuff with them. I personally think Rapmon is doing a great job as a leader. He and Suga fits the leader role very well

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