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  1. Hey subfuries! Thanks for all your suggestions for charities to donate to and perks for Patreon last video. Really helps me plan for the future. Love you guys. EDIT: In this video, I say they might have «electrocytes» in the organ that holds lightning. However, electrocytes create electric shocks, not store them. I should have said «a form of electrocyte», as there isn’t really a biological thing that allows storage of that kind of energy, but electrocytes are close 🙂

    ~ Tim

    1. Yeah you kind of got it right it’s a graphite like coating it’s very thin thinner than the metallic coating found on CDs but it’s very conductive but skrills don’t just Channel electricity they also produce it in their body kind of like electric eels except electric eels produce that most 600 volts AC and skrills can produce at Max 32000 volts AC

    2. As for how they don’t shock themselves I have no idea I know there must be something to it because I have touched live wires many times and it doesn’t hurt and I don’t get electrocuted so I don’t know what the deal is there I guess we’ll never know

    1. I think Smaug is better. He has to be killed by a very specific weapon, as no others can harm him. Whereas all manners of weapons can kill anything that isn’t a Bewilderbeast, Red Death, or Foreverwing

    1. Random Gameplays there are no «types» in httyd however night fury eggs need lightning to hatch so i suppose they could be «lighting type»

  2. thank you so much for the amazing video and the intresting topic but i have another topic can you tell us waht happend to heathers father?

  3. you mentioned that all dragons look like another because they descended from the same group of dragons also do you think that the skrill is related to the snow raith because they both control the elements sorta

  4. Quick question isn’t lightning made from plasma, if so the Skrill could have the same biology as a Nigthfury due to Toothless shooting plasma (or I’m just thinking about this to much)

    1. As far as I understand it, lightning is so much electricity running through the same path that it turns the air around it to plasma. So, kind of? ^^;

  5. I think the places that charge lighnings are made out of a special organic material that works kinda like metal, but it isnt as heavy, plus Skrills can control the ability to charge lightnings from clouds

    And I heard a theory that they create lower pressure in front of them when they fly using lighnings, making them fly faster

    1. Mustafa Mahfooz easy water>air>fire>earth in overall terms ; but when it comes to combat and setting it can change. And also it depends on the skill of bender like yakone and say a average nothern water tribe member.

  6. @Hello Future Me can you do a battle video on the skrill and night furry? it sounds intresting with the nightfurry being the «unholy offspring of lightning and death itself» while the skrill is the ultimate lightning based dragon

    1. And also Hello Future Me which if Toothless can shoot Plasma and lightnigs made of plasma is it possible that the skrill could learn to shoot plasma blasts like toothless?

  7. Ahhhhh, thank you so much, Tim! And thank you to the Subfuries — you guys truly are a home away from home. Love you all ❤️❤️❤️


  8. I got Daggers skrill in rise of berk recently and his attack star is fudging 56 at grade 8 wow and it can use indimadete and crazy streak which is op

  9. The Skrill is my favorite dragon because everyone knows strike class but you seen like a noob if you like toothless like and reply if you agree

    1. DRAGON BORN my theory on Deadly Nadder spikes coming out of their tail I think that if they don’t shoot those off every once in awhile it would get almost like an ingrown toenail although be an ingrown Spike. >.<

  10. Maybe the tips on its wings are made of carbon with a more conductive tip of some kind this would explain how they can conduct electricity and why they are black, carbon is also something pretty much every living thing has in its body in one shape or form. And I’m pretty sure it does shock itself just like electric eels. Electrocytes are cells used by electric eels, rays, and other fish for electrogenesis, electrogenesis being the generation of energy not storage of energy. They are flat disk-like cells. Electric eels, for example, have several thousand of these cells stacked, each producing about 0.15 V. The cells function by pumping positive sodium and potassium ions out of the cell. Assuming it needs many kilovolts of power to «shoot lightning» through the Tesla effect, you would also not just need to get the voltage high enough because the creature uses it as a weapon, but you would also need to get the amperage up there to do any damage, then again it could also just be used defensively and in which case a good shock could scare off a predator. as for how it could work, it might have some type of biological capacitor which gets charged up, this would happen if one wing was a positive terminal and one a negative so that this capacitor could get charged up.

    feel free to reply to, and correct this comment I know I got a lot of stuff wrong I’m not a genius, or a scientist, or a biologist, or even a native English speaker for that matter.

    1. Hey Zephyr! Awesome that you picked up on all of that. You’re totally right about electrocytes — they’re used to generate, not store energy. This of course means that the skrill can’t use them to ‘store’ electricity. These videos are a form of fictionalised science, though. As far as I researched, I couldn’t find any animal that had the ability to store energy in the fashion close to a skrill would. I should have phrased it better as a ‘modified’ form of electrocytes which are about as close to a ‘battery’ of sorts as it gets in animals. The idea that it has a positive and negative terminal is fascinating though! I hadn’t thought of that. Great idea.

      ~ Tim

    2. Hey Tim thanks for replying, maybe instead of the cells functioning like batteries they act more like capacitors, this would mean they can give a higher powered discharge. 🙂

  11. at such high voltages, you would need a very very thick layer of rubber, and it wouldn’t need rubber if a conductive path is laid out for the electricity it will follow that path.

  12. the skrill doesn’t shock itself due to its ability to harness the lightning. The electricity flows through its body, which has grown to NEED that lightning. which is why it can only be found within extreme storms.

  13. Can you tell me why toothless is always the best in everything he does?? Why??!!?! It’s not ok why can he defeat dragons 20 times bigger than him?? Really it’s very stupid and unfair i hope there will be a moment that will show us he’s not always the best. We had seen when Hiccup could not dyplomatically talk with drago and more. But i never seen moment when toothless wasn’t winning with everu dragon he meets.

    1. Julsiko it’s not that he’s the best as on his own he’s been out matched by a few dragon’s including the red death and bewilderbeast but it’s hiccups brain power that tips the balance into his favour when facing those dragons

  14. hey great video
    i have been wondering if there will be more episodes of the series of how to train your dragon i love the series and the movies pls replie

  15. If eska is Korras cousin bohlin almost married her bohlin and mako would have been step cousins to Korra and she dated mako that would have just been weird

  16. hey i know you’re not a gamer but you should really play School of Dragons! I wont spoil too much in case you play it but you get to train your own dragons and I am obsessed with it! 🙂

  17. rather than it just being metal, it could be entirely carbon structured as carbon can be a good conductor especially graphene. it is frequently used in nodes on big electrolysis reactors? where you purify compunds into it’s more basic elements.

    in terms of metals, copper is the best metal conductor so far that is wildly available. applying this to the skrill and dragons universe would make sense. however, there is no visible copper metalic colouring on the skrill itself nor the copper oxide blue. which is a shame because lightining in itself could be considered an electrolysis reaction (movement of electrons plus water vapour in the atmosphere)

    another thing which could be considered are electrolytes made of metal compound which conduct electricity from one pole to the other in a chain of batteries (easier to visualise a chain of batteries on end to end to allow current flow in one direction and making it easier to understand the process).

    it then gathers at the wing base where the electicity is stored in the glands mentioned in the video. this is most likely similar to electric eels and other organism known for electricity (most organisms have some form of electrical charge in their body/cell). and on a different note, an electric eel is not an actual eel but is a member of the pike fish family if i remeber correctly).

    the glands must contain some sort of liquid electrolyte which is sprayed out to form the lightining. this is linking similar firebreathing glands and mechanisms in other dragons which are similar and have hypothesised to be gentically related some what in the evolutionary tree.

  18. I always wonder why the skrill can’t shot when it’s in the water (rain don’t seem to be a problem…), but there’s no problem for the shockjaw or the seashocker to use there electicity…

    1. Jana Sonne due to the metal on its skin the electrical power leaves it’s body whilst in the water whereas the electrical power is more of created by the the shockjaw and seashocker than collected like the skrill

  19. I am one the first 100 subfuries (before we were called subfuries)! Your videos are amazing! I hope you continue to make new theories and grow in popularity because everyone deserves to see your videos! Thank you for all you do and ALL HAIL MISHKA!

    ~Subfury Savannah

    1. Pokeshipping FTW they actually don’t, I’m not completely sure what they are called, maybe oxygen/acetylene blasts, but hiccup calls it plasma blasts because it seems similar to plasma.

    1. tommy sullivan my theory is that the scourge of Odin is more of a bacteria than a virus as its not transferred by any of the methods in which viruses are like air. So therefore I reckon that the herbs and the saliva react to create some very powerful antibiotic

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