Feisty Pets Love Snapchat!

The Feisty Pets polar bear loves to play with Snapchat filters – hilarious! ( Ссылка ) By William Mark Corporation.. как нарисовать двух злых собак

72 Replies to “Feisty Pets Love Snapchat!”

  1. Hold on a minute… in the comershial of viesty pets on vat19 there was only 3 of them and those were a grizzly bear not polar a wolf and a monkey but now there are huge ones and the panda one also with a polar bear. I’m just gunna let u guys buy one ok? #vat19.comvisteypets

    • Tom Cantelow there was 3 because they were recreating FNaF and they chose the closest, if you go to there website it would have the same, but feistypets.com has all.

  2. These things were cool at the start, now they are just boring. It is literally the same thing over and over.

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