FIFA 19 The Journey Gameplay Walkthrough Part 4 — CHAMPIONS LEAGUE DRAW (Full Game)

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49 Replies to “FIFA 19 The Journey Gameplay Walkthrough Part 4 — CHAMPIONS LEAGUE DRAW (Full Game)”

  1. West Ham didn’t get champions league football so I don’t understand why you are playing champions league football

    • Eh, I say it brings a nice contrast to Alex’s personality, if you want to role play the story and that jazz.

      Danny is such a showy dork lmao

  2. Awe…I can’t wait til the next part. Scott please make Danny Williams successful and keep it real with Alex Hunter

  3. With Danny Williams, instead of trying to get in behind I reckon you should hold up the ball more or get in the box for headers

  4. Please Untuck Danny’s shirt… Looks awful on him… Except that… Amazing.. And yes please play as recommended

  5. It’s your choice to disregard the change of position and call for assists over goals. Certainly, it’s in keeping with Williams’ character to date. Just understand: it *is* a choice, one which can cost both him and his team a win.
    Long shots and running halfway across the pitch without a pass may look heroic to fans, but can also mean running out of puff and losing possession. It probably won’t help Williams’ relationship with his peers, either.

  6. Yes!! Go according to what’s recommended, and could you reduce the difficulty? Would like to see more goals!!

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