Fun Run 3 Animal Creation — Llama

Drawing time lapse of the new Fun Run 3 character, the Llama! Download for Android: Ссылка?id=com.dirtybit.fra Download …. как нарисовать борис животное

23 Replies to “Fun Run 3 Animal Creation — Llama”

  1. Hi dirty bit. This is a fun run 2 player and i have notice that dirty bit has taken fun run 2 out of the app store, why so? Us players still want updates and all of us dont like arena for reasons, and we would all appricate it if you brought the game back 🙂

    • I knew I wasn’t the only one. I was looking for fun run 2 all over and came here to check what’s up. Arena it’s fine but I prefer a thousand times more fun run 2

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