1 091 thoughts on “Fun With Skyrim — 50 Miraak ‘s vs 3 Alduin ‘s

  1. That giant monster ( dont know his name ) that you can summon vs 30 Miraak’s ? you can ajust the nubers becouse im not an expert 😛

  2. even if there are 50 of Miraak it still isnt fair because Alduin never lands and the npc’s are retarded against flying enemies, even if there were 1000 Miraak they would loose without dragonrend

  3. Was this really Miraak at his max level? His AI is very stupid then. Why would he spam Unrelenting Force against fking Alduin?

  4. man,the only thing that makes alduin land is Dragonrend,of course Miraak dont know what is dragonrend…lol…and of course…Alduin NEVER LANDS…so alduins owned them

  5. Yeah, but if Miraak used elemental shouts he would have got Alduin to land after a while. Unless this Alduin is different from other Skyrim AI battles

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