GIANT STICKY GUMMY vs FACE! LEGO Gummies Recycling Melting Real Fun! (FUNnel Vision DIY Candy Vlog)

We sure had lots of fun in this vlog. We melted down a Giant Gummy from our Gummy vs Real videos and turned it into an awesome GIANT LEGO GUMMY MAN …. бесплатно как нарисовать лошадей

1 463 Replies to “GIANT STICKY GUMMY vs FACE! LEGO Gummies Recycling Melting Real Fun! (FUNnel Vision DIY Candy Vlog)”

  1. lol when mike bit duddys finger i was thinking: omg a new version of charlie bit my finger finally!!!!!!

  2. can you please make a video on Skylander boy and girl it been a month since you made a video this comment if you agree

  3. Everybody I came up with an idea of a challenge

    I call it the baby food pizza challenge

    Here’s how to play

    You have 2 dices one with some letters from the alphabet on it and one that has some numbers on it

    You’ll also have Totinos triple cheese party pizza (only the triple cheese, no pepperoni no beef nada)

    And some lunch bags with A letter and a number on it for example A1 or B9 and inside will be some baby food I have some flavors for example pineapple and Keewee or banana and strawberry

    The people Who are going to be challenged are:
    Funnel vision
    And ToysAndMe

    However to let the challenge begin I need at least 251 likes on this comment, please and thank you

  4. I’ve been watching funnel vision FGTV Skyland or boy and girl and chases corner for like five years now and I love you guys I don’t think it’s racist

  5. FGtv Duddy you should make a video of Mike, Lex, and chase react to Mike’s video when he was singing to a song in 2011! Like if you agree

  6. thx funnel vision! i also follow mike on and i am about the same age as Lexi. My sister is about the same age as Mike.ON MUSICAL.LY, IM that chinese gurl with the face that sayes florence wu 😀

  7. i love your videos and i watch your videos when i was 4years old.and when i was so mad my mom she grab her phone and then open you tube and she spell funel vision and i calm and starts to laugh and then when it’s alreadyend i hug my mom the end…please like pleaseeeeeeeeeee….

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