Girl’s Bow Breaks While Playing Violin

This girl’s bow breaks while she’s practicing violin. SUBSCRIBE TO KYOOT!: Ссылка Watch More Kids Videos at: …. как нарисовать девочка со скрипкой

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    • I bet she had «bow bugs,» commonly known as dust mites. They eat the bowhair, and when you try to play, the hair snaps. Do you see the inward curve of the bow? That tells you that the bow is probably too loose.

  1. She’s brand new to the violin.  She’s not holding the bow right yet, her
    bow isn’t angled, and there’s tape on the fingerboard to remind her
    where some of the important notes are.  My first teacher did the same
    for us way back in the 5th grade.
    I’m guessing this young lady is practicing basic types of notes, how long
    each one might be — one, two, three-four — and her father is getting
    this moment of learning on camera because it is nothing short of
    amazing, watching someone get a handle on music 101.
    I can’t applaud her enough for simply trying to learn to play the violin.  You, tiny one, are awesome.

    Oh, and her reaction is utterly priceless, but we all knew that.

    • Actually, she isn’t holding the bow incorrectly. That’s a beginner bow
      hold or a baby bow hold, often used by children who do not yet have the
      coordination for a Franco-Belgian bow hold. Children often need
      something larger to grip, so they put the thumb under the frog. The
      pinkie could be on top of the stick, but a lot of children have trouble
      with that because their skin is smoother and their bows tend to be
      smoother so they just can’t get enough friction to keep the pinkie in

    • Treble Strings yo im not trying to be rude but you’re commenting on every comment on this video. We get it, youre a violin teacher. Now let someone else explain that shes holding the violin and bow correctly and that the bow was not assembled correctly.

  2. +Kyootkids, Before packing the bow make sure you Loosen it. There shall be a small silver knob at the frog of the bow in order to loosen and tighten it. Before Playing, tighten the bow just enough so your Pinky will fit perfectly in between the Hair and stick in middle of the bow. If it is tightened to much it will also snap.

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