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    1. OMG Sameee!! I watched like all of these freaking shows… even though I’m pretty sure that we had cable. I guess I just liked educational stuff better!!!!!

    1. PowWow Animations Martha Speaks was a good show because it was legitimately funny. All the new shows have dumbed-down humor that isn’t funny at all.

    1. So many people saying «But your like 13.» P.B.S. still broadcasts and has pretty much the same shows

      Edit: also he is 16 years old read his bio

  1. I watched literally all these shows growing up!!! It’s so nostalgic to look back at them! I’m a teenager now, but it seems like just yesterday I was watching dragon tails in bed with a bowl of soup getting over a cold. Did anyone else get a huge wave of nostalgia from this?

    1. Oh my god! I’d almost completely forgotten about Dragon Tales until now! I remember being so weirded out that the dragons had adult voices but acted like kids.

  2. My favorite was The Electric Company. It had word balls and some crazy girl named Francine who wanted to mess up the English language (she also scams people and stuff).
    edit: and rapping


  3. I was in a cab today and the cab driver said, «I love my job, I’m my own boss. Nobody tells me what to do…» Then I said, «turn Left».

    update : he kicked me out of the car.

    1. I couldnt remember the show untill he showed the dragon with 2 heads. I know literally nothing else about the show except for the name of the show

    1. Dexter’s Laboratory, Hey Arnold, Olivers Travels (i think it was something like that can’t remember) Rugrats, the Early Days of Sponge bob, Johnny Bravo ah yes my childhood Seeing that my siblings Childhood is pretty much raised on Netflix and youtube. i Showed my 10 year old Brother some the episodes i managed to scrounge up on Youtube and he actually enjoyed them

    2. the hell you on about? THIS generational (think that’s the word) spent a lot of time watching hey Arnold! it was my entire livelihood during 2013 so… i was a kid when i watched it.

    1. Well…Wild Kratts was meant for older audiences then Zoboomafoo was. It wasn’t the same, I’ll give you that, but the shows are so different I don’t think you can really compare them.

  4. I watched pbs kids a lot in america. In canada we had something called ytv which was pretty much the canadian nickelodeon for free so I still kept up with spongebob and fairly odd parents. I hated pbs educational shows like super why and sid the science kid. I just watched pbs kids for arthur (my favorite pbs show) and to pass the time.

    1. boomerang made such a transformation. f%king regular show airs on there now. gumball and teen titans go have aired on there before even though they are currently running and regular show took a year after its end. hopefully adventure time airs on there soon.

    2. I am a unicorn Many of the show had a new art style like callilou, bob the builder( was changed completely) , arthur, and cyberchase is different more crudity as well and many morals for todays world is happenning. Love it. Yup.

    1. Dewer pena I don’t think that’s why i just watched a because science video with less than a 6th of the views and less than a 5th of the likes yet its still number 11 on trending

  5. JAMES I completely agree with all of your show scores! Clifford is great, dragon tales was good I never watched it that much. Arthur was the best imo. Wild kratts is awesome. It’s a newer show but still… Its pretty cool.

    1. For me at first it was Martha Speaks, than it was Odd Squad, and now it’s just nothing, I don’t really watch PBS Kids anymore, same with Cartoon Network and other stations

  6. I used to love Clifford!! Arthur was a good show too!! Waking up on the weekends to watch cartoons in the mornings was always the best :’)

  7. As a little kid I saw an episode of Dragon Tales on PBS where the two headed dragon pinched itself during a shot to make it not hurt. Two decades later despite being a grown adult I still do this every month when I get my blood drawn.

    1. My first electronic device was a kindle fire. They let you have prime for free for a bit. Every season of Fetch! With Ruff Ruffman was free on prime an you KNOW I binge watched the entirety of that show. It was so very good.

    1. Trash Animations back in my day (1889) we had nothing but paperwork and chess and making contracts with demons
      (Shout out to anyone that likes black butler/ kuroshitsuji)

  8. I’m a 90s kid. I had cable my whole life, but I still loved PBS. Don’t know anyone who didn’t watch PBS growing up. As a matter of fact, when I was in elementary school we used to watch PBS shows all the time. Especially Authur.

    1. 360 GemScope It’s because you’re too young to have heard of PBS, not because you’re rich. Rich kids in the 90s knew about PBS.

    1. Clayton Griffith every time I was watching that show I was always waiting for Hacker to win but he would always be deafeated in the simplest ways

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    1. I watched it when I was little and I liked it, but looking back it might be because the parents looked some what similar to my own parents

    1. PowWow Animations Martha Speaks was a good show because it was legitimately funny. All the new shows have dumbed-down humor that isn’t funny at all.

    1. Just because he’s a bit younger, doesn’t mean his parents didn’t introduce him to these types of shows. *This is common logic people*

    2. So many people saying «But your like 13.» P.B.S. still broadcasts and has pretty much the same shows

      Edit: also he is 16 years old read his bio

  1. What if Caillou had cancer? My brothers and i would joke about it all the time, but now that I think about, it makes a lot of sense.

    Like what 4 year old doesn’t have hair? Like his parents and sister have full locks of hair, but not Caillou. It would also explain why his parents are so lenient with him all the time. Maybe they just want him to live the remain days of his life to the fullest without any bad memories.

    Or another idea could be that the show is Caillou’s dreams and aspirations of what you wanted to do if he didn’t have cancer, which would explain the dream like way the show is drawn and the white backgrounds. Maybe the real Caillou is in the hospital about to die, and the show is his final dreams before he passes onto the next life (hence the white backgrounds).

    1. Because the show was originally made in Quebec (which is a french speaking province), and in the way the l’s are used in his name the l’s would be silent.

  2. My parents never let me watch Caillou because they didn’t want me to throw tantrums all the time. I watched it anyway. I learned that from the show x)

    1. High Caliber Garbage yes these shows were my childhood because I was born in 2005 and my parents didn’t believe in watching lots of people.

  3. Ikr, my brothers still watch pbs so I can still watch my favorite shows. But they took off dragon tales and I’m sitting here like WAT. WAT, NO

  4. The first YT vid was at the ZOO??
    It should have been those kids videos with Elsa, Joker and pregnant Spider-Man
    Like Come On!