Chase & his cousin Anthony are doing the GUMMY vs. REAL Food Challenge! Check out more of Anthony @ Ссылка SUBSCRIBE …. как нарисовать двух животных в одном

1 482 Replies to “GUMMY vs. REAL FOOD CHALLENGE! LIVE Animals FUN (Chase’s Corner #48 DOH MUCH FUN)”

  1. Wye aren’t you making a another Shawn Circle video you guys sed every one loves Shawn and your gonna make another Video but you never did like if you agreed I want another because I love Shawn:)

  2. I LOVE YOUR ALL CHANNEL VIDEOS I WATCH YOUR VIDEOS WHEN IT 2012 , pls like if you like skylander dad family

  3. Every time I have nothing to do I watch one of you videos then I can’t get my mined off of my tablet watching funnel vision my name is baylian

  4. Anthony is still young just leave him alone he is just doing what you would do if you were him so back off.

  5. I think the less funny part is that they said that the real skull was mike I love mike

    • Donald F Chase I love your videos I am like a huge fan of you and I have a bunch of dreams of you I watch your Minecraft videos your hello neighbor videos and your bendy videos and I like all of them

  6. Anthony is no fun he wouldn’t eat anything except chases food come on get him out we don’t want him

  7. The frog didn’t pee. Frogs let out water via a membrane when they are being attacked by a predator to make the animal think the frog peed in their mouth and spits out the frog.

  8. Doh much fun its ok if you don’t reply but I just wanted to say your channels are awesome and he people who say bad things about your family members are just haters and just stick to the bright side like you guys always do. So please keep up the good work.

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