He GAVE Me An Animal Studio | Pet Room Tour (Where I Keep My Colder Temperature Pets)

EMZOTIC CHRISTMAS MERCH IS AVAILABLE!! teespring.com/stores/emzotic In this video i show you my animal room which is purely for my cooler …. как нарисовать животное тур

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  1. My mom doesn’t like ferrets but I think your ferrets are adorable nice one time a ferret bite me when I was trying to pet it with my finger but I think your parents are nice and Tang

    • Emzotic the only type of weasel I like is an otter I don’t really like ferrets that much otters are more cuter

  2. Yayyyy clicked on your video so quickly XD yayyyy! Just got a crazy had headache and thus cheered me up a treat!

  3. Love your videos! I’m so excited because I am going to adopt/rescue two ferrets in a month or two, I love your merch too! Also, voodoo and presto are the best names ever. Anyways, just thought I would let you know. Any care tips? I am planning on buying the biggest dog crate I can find and then letting them free roam my room during the day once I have ferret proofed it. Is that a good idea or no? Thank you! (They will only be in the crate for 1-2 hours at most)

  4. Hey Em nice vid! I can’t wait to send you Christmas gifts for you and your pets! Im literally buying your merch once i get home so yayyyyyyy! Love ya! Hope i can meet ya one day! Have an amazing day!

  5. I never clicked on a video so fast. I’m majoring in literature and even if my career doesn’t have anything to with animals your videos have helped me through anxiety, stress and to discover how amazing animals can be. Sorry if my grammar is not good, I’m from Latinoamerica

    • MrMrlula842 Wow Thank you for sharing your story. I think you’re incredibly brave. ❤️ I’m so glad that my videos are helping you. Stay strong xxx

  6. OH MY the fake pocket T-shirt is ADORABLE! <3 If I only had money I'd buy one.. Maybe I'll get one next year (if you make them next Christmas too) if I manage to find a job that works with my depression and anxiety 🙂

  7. Here early for once!! Getting a green amevia today and I can’t wait ❤️ also have a baby ferret named beans after your cockroach and two snakes!!

    • Emzotic thank you!!! He’s a happy little baby, he’s got a nice big cage right now but I definitely want to save up for the one you got your ferrets! Also omg I can’t believe you replied, honestly one of my favorite youtubers and I love how informative your channel is ❤️

  8. I thought the scorpion on the painting was fake I was like «that’s weird why would she- HOLY CRAP HE’S REAL» (no offence to scorpions though)

  9. Dope art and great video as usual. Love those ferrets… *wonders if they love to rob & steal things*
    Thanks for uploading these videos and can’t wait to see how much more you will add for your pets they deserve to be spoiled. Take care and have fun with them!

    • Hey everyone 🙂 I starting up my pet channel again and I have all kinds of animals from farm animals to birds. Could you please help me out and maybe subscribe. Thank you 🙂

  10. Hi em! I was really intrigued by the raising husky dogs thing you brought up. I love dogs so much, could you please make a video on what you did? X

  11. LOVED THIS!! I might be getting fish soon, could you do a video on fish or have you already done one? LOVE YOUR CHANNELLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 #CREATURECREW

    • Sophie-Grace Philip YAAAY! Congratulations on your soon-to-be fish! I hope you give him/her a great home! I’ll be doing more aquatics videos soon!

    • Emzotic thanks!! Might ask for your merch for Christmas!!! And don’t worry I’m here when ever you make a video! Happy Xmas!!

  12. “I would tell u more but I’m distracted bc ur so beautiful” um find me a man like this? Ly Em♥️♥️

  13. When you. Lived In the UK did you ever watch I’m a celebrity and if they asked you to do it what would you say

    • Jenn Yes I do. That’s not what I found amusing. I found it amusing that Danny grew up in an area where house cleanings with doves were common and Danny would go around saving all the doves which were chucked out of windows. He literally saved so many.

    • Thank goodness. I have been doing ferret research for 6 months. Finally got the chance to adopt from a local rescue, fell in love with two of them but cant decide which to get, LMAO. One is turning 2 and the other is 9 months. 1 is marshal the other is not, In Canada there are like no breeders in my area. So, not sure how one is not a marshal. xD
      How did you pick your two? What personality did you look for?

      I love your vids!

  14. *KING SERPENTS!* I remember you from way back at the beginning! Thank you so much for helping this channel become what it is! Xx

  15. Please do a video dedicated to your ferrets and their weirdness or a ferret creature feature ❤️❤️

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