82 thoughts on “How EA (Electronic Arts) Makes Money

    1. hell no i only buy their base games for the sims and then pirate the expansions. no way im gonna spend so much money on poorly made rehashed dlc

  1. Rofl this is awesome.

    And good lord this is so true and is absolutely happening with Bioware as we speak. I genuinely don’t believe they even wanted to make Anthem aka the Destiny ripoff; I honestly think EA forced them to make that game — a game that does not look like a Bioware game whatsoever. I mean, for crying out loud, this year’s ASSASSIN’S CREED game looks more like a Bioware game than Anthem does. And if Anthem flops, I think Bioware will sadly be added to the growing crypt of studios killed by EA.

    This is par for the course with EA though. Milk a franchise until its starts to decline in sales, shift the developers over to games they are not interested in making, game flops, kill the studio. Rinse and repeat.

    And as an RTS fan, don’t even get me started on the abomination shown at E3 known as Command and Conquer: Rivals. Let’s bring a beloved franchise out of retirement so we can turn it into a pay to win mobile game filled with microtransactions! Because people totally loved when you did that with Dungeon Keeper a few years ago, EA. It is the game development equivalent of necrophilia, honestly.

    What a trash heap of a corporation. Screw yourself with a spiky dildo covered in acid, EA.

  2. On a side note, I still don’t think Mass Effect Andromeda was as bad as it was made out to be. Don’t hate me 😛

    It was no masterpiece, but not the world-ending apocalypse that people talk about it as. What it does represent though, is the likely death of Mass Effect, which I DO find depressing.

    1. agreed, you’re not the only one! the gameplay is super fun and i love all the characters, it makes me sad that we won’t get any more content with them. i’m just hoping anthem does fairly well so that EA doesn’t decide to call it quits on Bioware for a while, lol.

  3. EA make me so sad because I love the Sims and I think it’s amazing but it’s so same expensive! Half the expansions are definitely not worth their price and yet I buy them. I wonder what the Sims would be live if it had a different publisher- it could be so much more!

  4. EA is the reason why i stopped playing the Sims. Great game, but the expansion packs (which most of them should’ve been in the game at base) have pushed me away as the temptation to buy most of them is too great.

  5. i always shed one single, manly tear at the list of dead studios EA used. It’s not fair :'( Love the shade thrown. It’s all true. Great job! Also, that tone of voice at the end…woo, goodness me. «We’re going to ruin it for no other reason…than it’s easy» I swooned, i’m yours 😛

  6. At this point, the only thing I like about EA is their indie titles. I like Unravel, A Way Out, and Sea of Solitude looks good. Their triple A stuff…no thanks.

    1. its part of his evil plan. If he sounded like an old crusty bastard we would be less likely to give him our money but seduce us with a velvet like voice and we will follow him with wide Anime like eyes and open wallets.

  7. EA-Businessman-Guy is my favorite video game villain

    (but seriously every time i see their CEO at E3 he remind me of Handsome Jack from Borderlands lmaooo)

  8. The sims 4 comes to mind. They released the game UNFINISHED and then started adding things like «oh look we’re so good we are giving free gifts» for stuff that should’ve been there since the beginning of the game, but even worse, for the most part, you have to buy game packs to get things that were for granted in previous games like the sims 3.

    1. How is that different from the crap CDPR pulled with The Witcher 3? They made the whole game, then specifically cut some content and fed it to players for a few weeks under the guide of «free» DLC, even though all those things should’ve been in the actual game from day one. Not to mention that marketing mostly cosmetic things like hairstyles or horse armor as DLC is pretty dishonest as most other RPG DLC add hours worth of quests and gear.
      The reason I’m even bringing them up is because not only did no one seem to mind this disingenuous tactic when the Witcher 2 came out, but plenty of people actually argued that is was a good practice and CDPR treated players better than other companies.

  9. They’re worse. They buy publishing rights, make titanfall 2 come out between battlefield 1 and cod infinite warfare. Wait for titan 2 to crash, then buy the studio. Into the death with respawn studios. Up next, bioware, the paraded almost corpse.

  10. I was watching Boogie on h3h3 podcast and I can only agree that EA is run by a capitalism based disney villain(A different one now, but you get the gist)

  11. Never forget how Dead Space and Mirror’s Edge both came out in 2008. Dead Space was successful enough that they ran it into the ground almost immediately, Mirror’s Edge they held off making for another — six — years because until it had a loud enough cult following it just wasn’t a worthwhile cash cow.

    It’s a shame because so many developers under EA’s umbrella get shit on over this stuff. Bioware got the brunt of the hate for Andromeda, Visceral for Dead Space 3, DICE for Battlefront 2, etc, even though a lot of the development troubles or money grubbing in these games was almost certainly not something the devs wanted

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