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  1. (Sorry 4 the engrish)
    This is the first time i’ve heard about the power center, and to be honest, i can’t see it x.x i can’t see why you put it where you say it is

    1. Think of it like a «vanishing point», but for characters. It’s like the point in the posture where it’s most emphasized. Thinking like should be easier to pick out poses for a character, I think?

    2. Soupy Jr I get it, but I can’t describe it. The only way I could think of for you to learn it would be an art or graphic design coursebecause it’s REALLY hard to explain

    1. I think that dragons are considered under the monster umbrella, but I for sure agree that toothless is lovely and the best dragon (sorry Mushu)

  2. So there were a few comments from people who didn’t seem to really understand the power center.
    A good way to sort of visualize this is to get a friend/family member/acquaintance/friendly neighborhood spider-man to hold a small object next to you. This object is going to represent your power center.
    While standing still, try to lean into the direction of the object with your whole body. Imagine that it’s a magnet pulling you in. Try it out with a few different positions until you get the idea.
    When drawing it out, you can also just put a dot on the page to remind yourself where the center is.
    Hope that sort of clears things up.

  3. The only character I can’t tell anything about by looking at his body language, and not his design, is mute from rainbow 6 siege…

    1. Where you put the center is really up to you. Just pick a point (you can draw a dot to represent it if that helps) and have the character lean into it. Imagine it’s a magnetic force that attracts the character to it.

      A good way to get the hang of it is to have a friend hold up an object near you and without moving from your spot, lean in the direction of the object with your whole body. If you can do it in front of a mirror or take pictures for reference that’s even better.

      As far as where you should put the center, it really depends on your character’s typical body language as well as their mood and what they’re doing. Positive emotions tend to be higher and negative emotions tend to be lower, but that’s not always the case so use your own discretion when picking a center.

      I know it’s kind of confusing (a lot of techniques are) but if you take the time to study them you’ll really get the hang of it.

  4. 6:52 OMG THAT’S EMARA!

    Please oh please I beg you to watch it at thier YouTube Channel «StarEatingStudio» or just search «Emara episode 1»

    It’s an Arabian Cartoon about a Super hero named Emara after the Emarites AKA UAE (the place where the story is taken)

    There is English Sub and Dub! So don’t worry!

    1. Ando they just released episode 4, and sadly there is only one more episode left wich they will publish this Friday.

      Since its a small project and they been working on it for almost a Year and a half.

      But I’m so happy that you enjoyed it.

      I also met the creator and she has an Instgram if you wanna talk to her about it.

  5. 6:44 It’s Keith! Lance was right about recognizing that mullet!

    Okay, technically it was the whole thing that was a dead giveaway, but other Voltron fans would know what I mean.

  6. Another excellent video! I’ve never even thought about balance, line of action and the center point that much. Thank you! I also love the mixed media you use as examples.

  7. I love your videos- but your music is a little distracting and kind of drowns you out (see 8:37 for one of the worst points) songs with strong or sharp piano should really be played a lot lower


  9. As an aspiring artist and writer who’s OCs come and go, this and your Things That Can Kill An OC video are extremely useful! Your voice is clear and I can always understand your points. I’d love to see you upload more often, you’re so great!

  10. This is quite the helpful thing, I can really work on my energetic and prideful character joyfly, and her awkward and gently best friend Micah. Even though they are four legged the overall advice is much appreciated and gave me new ideas to help advance into new poses for personalities. Thanks!

  11. HEY!! Ando notice this please,

    I’m a young and beginner artist and I go to your channel for advice on drawing.

    I really like your artstyle because it is cartoon-ish yet realistic, It has good shading and a nice pallete which is light on the eyes.

    Your videos are REALLY helpful to me and improved my art well.

    I am currently making animations and as i look through them they they drastically changed positively.

    I just like your videos so much that I wrote all of this for you.


  12. Awesome video, but I can’t help but feel disappointed in myself knowing that I’ve watched all the cartoons the images shown as examples are from.

  13. THAT EMARA DROP! omg!
    (right after that Keith too.) I saw it and started humming the catchy theme.

    Also is that art book at 0:38 the same group that did The Secret of Kells animated movie? It looks super familiar.

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