54 thoughts on “How to Draw a Raven (or Crow)

  1. thank you so much! my sister needed a picture for her lecture, so I helped her by drawing a Raven/Crow for her lecture about it and it looks so cool, that I gave her the copy of my drawing 😀

  2. Thank you very much! I fall in love with a girl, whose last name is «crow» :> With a help of your video, i will be able to draw sth to her :>

  3. If you turn the video playback speed to .25x you will see the video at or near normal speed. This is true of any video, but does make audio sound strange.
    It be cool if a presenter would speak during a drawing, speed their video to 4x so that when you chose the .25x playback speed, you got a full length video but have music playing for those who want the normal speed video. A bit difficult to pull off, but it would give a fifteen minute video that could become an hour video.

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