My Twitter: Ссылка This is the first time I’ve tried to teach anything to do with illustration theory and practice… Making this video was a …. как нарисовать доброго дракона

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    • lorddotorius that is true, new plot can always retcon old, it’s just nice when a universe has a little consistency rather than being all jenk all the time. It seems more logical to me to have a new name for the form or use the manga form name, mastered ssb, rather than used the same name for a form that does something different than the name would seem to imply. After all in the show and the manga they say that the blue form is literally «a super saiyan god who has gone super saiyan» and the multipliers for all the ss forms are cannon.

    • Dream Chaser na we are everywhere, but im a laid back one that doesn’t really care beyond the fact i find it fun and interesting to try and get an accurate estimate as possible just to see what the numbers look like, tho im nowhere near as good at it as seththeprogramer and lots of others

  1. How I draw Ssj blue vegeta
    1. Draw a stick man
    2. Draw spiky hair
    3. Color the hair blue
    4. Color the aura around him
    5. And make him say kakkrot!
    6. Finish.
    My way of drawing him

  2. This is so cool, you should do more videos like they! I don’t even draw but this makes me want to try

  3. Mark i’ve looked at so many other videos of people trying to teach people how to draw dragonball characters and i can honestly say yours is definitely the most engaging, cheers dude!

  4. Thanks Mark! These are the sort of videos that truly help people like me, to learn how to draw a little bit better. Keep up the good work!

  5. I think you should upload more stuff like this, even outside of Dragonball. Think a lot of people would find it interesting, or could learn from it.

  6. It’s really good, but I’d say the placement of his right eye, and some minor aspects of his body could use some tweaking.

    • Aqeela Sakha yes he was. If he wasn’t trying to he wouldn’t have done a final layer colour the drawing add effects and stuff.

    • Nothing is perfect. Also, I’d like to point out, the way you fixed it, the muscle size does not follow through like with the left arm, and I’m sorry but the aura sucks.

    • The aura was made by him, it was on his twitter, so yeah, nothing is perfect.

      I spent 3 minutes in photoshop and l only made the comment/edit in order to try to be helpful, When I started using liquify I felt like an idiot for not using it this way sooner.

      The left arm looks off in the original too. so do the hands, the legs, size of the feet, the length of his torso etc. It’s still a good drawing though. The shading in particular is mostly excellent.

    • great base steps on starting the drawing or any character drawing at that. i really found that lining everything up improves your drawing capabilities by an unbelievable amount. how also doing your lines in one clean line rather. than picking up your pencil or pen er whatever makes everything look a lot smoother. great video man

  7. Please Mark, do more of this. They are great. I love seeing other fellow artists’ work. Though I’m not at your level but I think I’m pretty good myself!

  8. This video is probably the most helpful tutorial i have ever seen! Thanks so much for everything you do, TNM! Keep up the awesome work!

  9. Super sayin has the fire SSB has the thicker enegry lokk now its time for a wetter looking ki lava lamp effect

  10. i did find it insightful, and i’ve been at a bit of a roadblock in figuring out how to make my lines cleaner. So… breaking it down like this was so much better than watching someone draw something. Thanks.

  11. Thanks for this video. I really enjoy watching people draw great art, but I especially liked that you went into detail without it becoming an information overload. I’d love to see more of these down the line. Cheers!

  12. As someone who spent the last 3 years drawing every day, reading books on anatomy, practising faces and improving line quality, I say you should listen to this man.
    Learning the basics and doing the hard work can be tiring and boring at first, but when you find that drawing is what you love by finally being able to produce the results you desire, all that work that you do, building your character/landscape/object becomes a journey, and you learn to enjoy that immensely.
    It becomes even better when you realize it’s not important to finish your drawing right away and just let yourself do it little by little over the week with no pressure.

    Also when you feel ready, start showing your stuff to people. What’s the fun in you being the only person who sees all that cool stuff you make, right?

  13. GOHAN SS2 vs Cell Or Just Gohan Ssj 2
    I sorta get it and it was helpful because i can almost draw any character

  14. For those curious why I used the name Super Saiyan Blue 2… while I was recording this the name was not known to me and so I used SSB2 as a place holder. The title will be changed once the name becomes known to the public.

  15. I have trouble doing different poses when I am not using a reference but using a reference it is decently easy but I want to know how to do it without using a refrence


  17. I agree Mark
    Hate that method of animation. However it does have some benefits, such as certain standstill scenes that require emphasis on detail. Motion scenes can lack that overall.

  18. We’re covering this type of information, finally, in my Drawing 2 class at college.  So when this video popped up, it got me super pumped to keep drawing, thanks a lot for this video!

  19. 19:25 SUPER SAIYAN BLUE 2? Oh wait people, put your torches and pitchforks down he didn’t know the name!

  20. A pretty cool type of video ! Definitely could help people who would like to start doing art. 🙂
    I have to praise you that you actually tried to explain how to draw poses before going into drawing Vegeta.
    There are 100s of videos «teaching» you how to draw Goku or someone else, and in these videos people draw the character
    dead on front view with that blank expression and without doing anything. Altho it can be helpful to understand how the face of a character is structured, but It
    doesn’t help really when someone wants to draw for example Goku in whichever pose they like.

    Altho i know that this video is supposed to be purely for beginner artists, but me being an artist myself made me notice the anatomy faults
    in your drawing. I would just overlook it if it wasn’t for the fact that you used an already existing artwork as a reference, so there shouldn’t be any problem with
    length of limbs etc.

    For example the leg of Vegeta is clearly too short and it simply bothers my inner artist perfectionist i’d say ^^
    But overall the whole video is full of essential information so good job!

  21. The MaSTAR Media way:
    Step One: Watch a few Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and Dragon Ball Super episodes.
    Step Two: Take a few screen shots.
    Step Three: Recolor/Redraw
    Step Four: Upload an animation following all these steps.
    Step Five: Profit.

  22. Anatomy the study of the hunan body… honestly looking at photos im not that confused everything seems to make sense, the muscle is on the arms are interconnect to the bone to move the whole arm including most muscle. If i remeber correctly theres muscle in the legs that arent connected to the bones but im not sure fully.

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