How to Draw Cute Twilight Equestria Girls + Fun Facts — My Little Pony Drawings Fun2draw

How to Draw Cute Twilight Equestria Girls + Fun Facts — My Little Pony Drawings Fun2draw. Learn how to draw this super cute Twilight Sparkle step by step!. как нарисовать девушек пони

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  1. hi +Fun2draw you are so amazing and I am your biggest fan I love your videos so much and your such an amazing drawer and it inspriers me so much to try and try again and you show m how to draw such amazing drawing in such simple east steps thank you and could you possibly draw a magical llama

    • +RainbowSpace MagicGirls ❤️ I’m so happy my Fun2draw videos help you! Glad to have you as a great Fun2draw Fan! I’ve drawn a cute llama before — hope you like it ^_^

  2. This was absolutley awwesome! I could never draw mlp, it was extremely hard,but now I’m a pro artist and it’s all thanks to you! My friends at school all ask me how I do it, so that means you’ve just earned 10 awesome new subbies!!!!

    • +Jenny Penny {MLP} Thanks for your lovely comment! I’m so happy my Fun2draw videos help you 🙂 Keep up the great work, and thanks for telling your friends about Fun2draw <3 Keep being awesome, everyone!!

    • +Fun2draw XD You realy do know how to make me smile! I had a terrible day where I got into a huge fight because I was playing more with one person than the other,silly,right? And to top it all off the best headmaster who has had to leave our school died this morning!

    • +AnimalsForever5 I’m so happy to hear my Fun2draw videos help you! Keep up the great art!! Glad you’re one of my amazing Fun2draw Fans <3

  3. can you please make a dog and a cat riding a broomstick together for halloween? that would be great. i would be SO exited if you did it. Your are an AMAZING drawer btw. 😀

    • +Andrea Moreno thank you 🙂 Glad you like my Fun2draw videos!btw I’ve got another one coming this week ^_^

  4. btw your drawing are the best. your drawing are the reason why I love to draw or the reason I even started to draw. when I first found your youtube channel a grab a pen and paper and started to draw your picture. all of my friends love your drawing. but not as much as I do.;-):-):-D

    • +Alexie Mclellan I’m very happy my Fun2draw videos inspired you to start drawing! Thanks for being a great Fun2draw Fan 😀 Keep up the awesome work, you and your friends! Love you guys <3

  5. Hey Fun2draw! I love your channel. I’ve been drawing your drawings ever since the earliness of your channel. I’ve gotten so good I can actually draw my own Fun2draw drawings without requesting it. I have a binder with all the drawings. I made a Fun2draw: Wonder Woman, Superman, lifeguard, farm boy, and much more thank you so much for teaching how to draw and I watch your videos to learn technics. I’m a super huge fan and I hope you never stop!!!

    • +Michael Gambale Aww thank you for your awesome comment! I’m so happy to hear you love making your own Fun2draw creations 😀 One of the reasons why I love you Fun2draw Fans is that you’re all so creative!! Keep Fun2drawing and keep watching my new videos for even more drawing techniques 😀

  6. +Iliana Jauregui I’m very happy you’re learning so much from my Fun2draw videos! That’s very nice of you to draw for your family! Keep Fun2drawing & keep being awesome! <3

  7. +Paola Gonzalez hi 🙂 thank you! I’ve drawn her as a Fun2draw character before — she’s in my Fun2draw Celebs playlist :3

  8. thanks for your help I used to be really bad at drawing but your videos have been helping me and i just wanted to know if you could draw a beagle thanks so much you have a beutiful talent please keep drawing

  9. Super Cute!!! R U gonna do other My Little Pony characters in human form?? Please? I really want to draw them.

  10. You have to draw sylveon I’m looking for a tutorial on how to draw sylveon but I can’t find it.Please help me I’m begging you D:

  11. You know what I love all if them there soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute and I love the way they drew them

  12. Hay you should draw foxy and mangle as a couple or separately and I love they your style of the way you draw to. I already knew about your channel for three years also that is awesome

    • +Fun2draw that NOT how we draw her it look like a BABY twilight I can do better then you why you keep doing this cute draw videos it dose not look like them

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