How to Draw JASMINE from Disney’s Aladdin — @DramaticParrot

Hey guys! So for this week’s tutorial, there has been a mass demand for Princess Jasmine! So here you all go! This is fun image of Jasmine that I knew you guys …. как нарисовать диснея

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  1. Hi porssi I want to say that i luv u and I have learned from you a lot thnx luv u ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  2. I just wanted to tell u, u r amazing in ur tutorials. Since I have found your channel I cannot stop drawing! Mind u I have not picked up a pencil to draw in literally 1yr. I have 2daughters n never find time, especially cuz I draw slow lol. Keep up the amazing job! Your tutorials r super easy to follow n u keep me entertained

  3. Hey Percy could you please draw either Yzma, Pocahontas, or Flynn Rider! Thanks. You helped me draw again, and I have four art classes this year!!! Yay

  4. Hi, I just want to say first you are amazing at drawing! I have done most of your tutorials. My ultimate fave is jack frost. I am planning on sending you a drawing. Can you please do a tutorial on Mulan or Tiana because I love those two. X

  5. I think her hands are like that because of two possibilities either one she just threw a fit and is sitting on her balcony holding onto the rail or two it’s when Jafar had her in handcuffs after taking over castle.

  6. Hi Percy!!! You are so awesome at drawing…. Do you think you could make a video on how to draw Ursula or any disney villain or simba or Bambi or Agnes. I have so many requests lol. Or barbie or disney fairies. Ok, I’ll stop requesting lol

  7. Can you please make astrid there is no good video of drawing her and i dont know how to draw her can you please make her its astrid from how to train your dragon please!?

  8. Love love love it!! I’ve had a hard time drawing her. My 6 yr old did a better job lol thanks for the tutorial….I will be drawing her as soon as I get home!!

  9. Hey Percy this tutorial and all your other ones helped me to become a better artist,so thank you for that.can you draw princess melody

  10. You have helped me so much in my drawing! You are AMAZING! Please could you do Hercules or something? I think that will be so much fun to draw…thanks again! 😀

  11. You should do tris from divergent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Not necessarily shailene woodly but the actual book description

  12. Can you make more Galaxy Disney Characters?
    Yeah these that you post on Instagram
    They are so amazing!!
    Please if you can record you drawing them ^^

  13. Thank you sooo much for drawing her!! I am sooo glad that you did a tutorial on how to draw her!! 😀 

    I also think that you should draw Mulan or Pocahontas next!! Please draw one of them!! 😀

  14. could you try to draw an anime character from an anime series called avalon? I know its not a disney princess but could you try? The characters name is Kara :3 

  15. I have learned so much from you! Your amazing!! Do you think that if u see this you could possibly do one on Hiccup if u get a chance?

  16. Hellooo ! I am French, and I LOVE your tutorials ! Princess Jasmine is so beautiful ! But… Can you draw «Raiponce», the princess with very very long hair ? Thanks ^^

  17. hey dear u draw really really reallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly great i love your drawing and i m from India werer u from??

  18. Do you think you could draw Lion King characters maybe please? Lion King is one of my favorite movies and you are an inspiration to me because I always thought I couldn’t draw before I found your videos and then suddenly I could haha so if you could get around to it that would really mean a lot to me. Thank you so much, I love the work that you do! (:

  19. luv ur videos!Can u try drawing private from penguins of madagascar? IM SO going to watch the latest movie coming out in late Nov thks (:

  20. this pose is when Jafar has taken over genie, and jasmine puts her hands out so he can cuff her. i think that is the reason but i am not sure. it might be from the the first movie or the second,hope this helped

  21. And how about Beast, from Beauty and the beast? Tommorow is my birthday, I would be so happy if you leave a comment for me, that would make my day!

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