40 thoughts on “How to Draw KID GOKU From Dragon Ball Z — Step by Step Illustrator Tutorial

  1. Hello gigantic I m a huge fan of your work and i really think you show your improvment with this vídeo turning a character from a much diferent art style and make it into your Own without losing any of there carisma and iconic features is really taking your art a step further, continuo with the good work you inspire me every day thats why I m still waiting for the best to come Kkkkkkk, after this vídeo better it will be hard só good luck making better than yourself

  2. You wouldnt believe how youve inspired me. I started using Illustrator this week and following your tutorials ive managed to explore my imagination. Its quite simple once you get the hang of the style and it looks so good! I love it. Slowly im getting better!

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