How To Make a Dollar Bill T-Shirt Origami — Fun Tutorial — Shirt with Collar

Learn how to impress your friends with a cool dollar bill collared t-shirt. Easy Origami idea is great for tips, wedding gifts, Christmas gifts, etc. You might want to …. как нарисовать бабочку на рубашку

178 Replies to “How To Make a Dollar Bill T-Shirt Origami — Fun Tutorial — Shirt with Collar”

  1. Thanks for waiting on us for an hour while we ate and drank a hundred dollars worth of shit. Here’s your tip. Sure it’s only a buck but it’s folded.

  2. Everyone else’s videos r really hard to understand but this one is so clear I dont have to to watch it a billion times

  3. Cool, Check out my other vids. I have one with a necktie that’s worth at least $3.50 on the street. HaHa

  4. yea mine sucked thanks for tryin tho lol. i work at unlce bucks and recieved on as a tip, i had to figure out how it was done

  5. LOL, some him respect by refolding him into the version with a necktie from my other tutorial @ watch?v=bMmhU-k0KLA

  6. It is not wasted, it is just folded. It is still quite spendable and a few people even sell them at face value plus a small folding fee. Personally, I like to give them away as tips.

  7. He not showing us how to burn, cut or tear a dollar bill. He’s showing us how to «fold» it, I don’t really see that as a «waste». Know the difference.

  8. Me: i think I’ll ware my money shirt today! Homeless Guy: spare some change? Me: Do i look like I’m made of money?

  9. It was just a joke. I want to go on record and say a twenty dollar shirt makes a great tip as well. Listen up people, servers work hard for the money. Don’t be cheap!

  10. a former teacher from high school made a vase full of folded roses using 20$ bills 4 a friends wedding now that’s creative ~_0

  11. I wish I could make one with a necktie but this is so much easier than making the shirt with the tie. Thanks for sharing!

    • tammygurl64. BUTT???? We’re not dealing with or talking about the human body at all. did you mean BUT ?

    • Anamarie Doan LOL! Voice recog failed again. I am usually more careful with spelling and punctuation BUT just so you feel better about it, I have corrected it. Enjoy your day.

  12. For the people complaining about leaving only one dollar as a tip you can still do this with a 5, 10, or a 20

  13. Nice. I used a $ 20 bill instead of a $1dollarbill. I couldnt do the sleeves so i made my own foldings and it turned out great. Thx for the vid much love

  14. Your hands cover everything, makes it harder, specially for beginners who are looking for clear instructions

  15. For the Europeans: It works perfectly well with a 10 euro bill. At the 10 euro bill there is a shiny silver line, which you can use as the collar.

  16. I had difficulties with making the arms, so I decided to turn it into a folded blouse, and it’s so fun to make these! Saw this video about 10 minutes ago, and I’ve already made 2 owo
    Of course, I would have made more if I had money on me..

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