How To Make a Dollar Bill T-Shirt Origami — Fun Tutorial — Shirt with Collar


Learn how to impress your friends with a cool dollar bill collared t-shirt. Easy Origami idea is great for tips, wedding gifts, Christmas gifts, etc. You might want to …. как нарисовать бабочку на рубашку

178 thoughts on “How To Make a Dollar Bill T-Shirt Origami — Fun Tutorial — Shirt with Collar

  1. Thanks for waiting on us for an hour while we ate and drank a hundred dollars worth of shit. Here’s your tip. Sure it’s only a buck but it’s folded.

  2. It is not wasted, it is just folded. It is still quite spendable and a few people even sell them at face value plus a small folding fee. Personally, I like to give them away as tips.

  3. He not showing us how to burn, cut or tear a dollar bill. He’s showing us how to «fold» it, I don’t really see that as a «waste». Know the difference.

  4. It was just a joke. I want to go on record and say a twenty dollar shirt makes a great tip as well. Listen up people, servers work hard for the money. Don’t be cheap!

    1. Anamarie Doan LOL! Voice recog failed again. I am usually more careful with spelling and punctuation BUT just so you feel better about it, I have corrected it. Enjoy your day.

  5. Nice. I used a $ 20 bill instead of a $1dollarbill. I couldnt do the sleeves so i made my own foldings and it turned out great. Thx for the vid much love

  6. For the Europeans: It works perfectly well with a 10 euro bill. At the 10 euro bill there is a shiny silver line, which you can use as the collar.

    1. its a tutorial. its made to be slow so others can understand it. if you want it to be faster, change the speed of the video in the settings of the video

  7. I had difficulties with making the arms, so I decided to turn it into a folded blouse, and it’s so fun to make these! Saw this video about 10 minutes ago, and I’ve already made 2 owo
    Of course, I would have made more if I had money on me..

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