How to Paint and Draw Black Animals — part 1

How to Paint and Draw Black Animals, part 1 shows a VERY easy way to use your image editor to find the true colours you see on your subjects. So if you want …. как нарисовать животных в paint

3 Replies to “How to Paint and Draw Black Animals — part 1”

  1. Great video and very helpful. I have a WHITE dog and struggle on the opposite end of the spectrum. A white fur video would be great.

  2. Thank you for this video. It is extremely helpful as I have just started to learn painting. You are an excellent teacher. My first painting is my dog and I struggled this past weekend getting the colors right. I followed your instructions above and now that I can see how to isolate the colors my painting will be much better. My dog has browns and tans but I had failed to notice some tones were cooler and some warmer. Your video on color mixing helped me change him from orange to tan and this will help me bring the painting to his proper color. Thanks again!

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