How to paint Dragons in Photoshop— Bonus content

Working on an older painting that I started a while ago… This is a “reboot” alt version based on one of my older works. I started it as a tutorial, but never finished …. как нарисовать дракона в фотошопе

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  1. damn… it’s awesome.
    great use of light and color. i mean a lot of people would say it’s ready at 6:00… but then you start adding light and shadows and the whole thing just pops.

  2. I usually use SAI for my drawings, but in some cases photoshop would do a better job at what I want to achieve, but the problem is that I get this horrible «circle» that comes up around the cursor, only when I use photoshop. I’ve tried most things to make it stop, but it just does not go away. Changing settings in my wacom utilities/settings, fiddling with photoshop settings, changing the windows drawing/tablet setting, uninstalling and reinstalling my tablet, even tried every time I had to do a windows reset, and theres probably things I did that I don’t remember.

    its really frustrating x__x

    However on another note, I really enjoy your drawings and paintings! They always seem like you’re having a lot of fun while painting them. I also really love the loose lines for the sketches. Its sadly slightly harder to do grayscaling in SAI so I try to not do it there, but I did do some grayscale work before and its always so much fun putting in colors and effects! hehe.

    • Press the Caps Lock key to change the cursor from an outline of the brush to a precision cross hair. You can also go to Edit —> Preferences —> Cursors to select your cursor type.

  3. I imagine that when you were moving the two rough sketches around at the start you were acting out a small puppet show.

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