How to paint Dragons in Photoshop— Bonus content


Working on an older painting that I started a while ago… This is a “reboot” alt version based on one of my older works. I started it as a tutorial, but never finished …. как нарисовать дракона в фотошопе

25 thoughts on “How to paint Dragons in Photoshop— Bonus content

  1. damn… it’s awesome.
    great use of light and color. i mean a lot of people would say it’s ready at 6:00… but then you start adding light and shadows and the whole thing just pops.

  2. I usually use SAI for my drawings, but in some cases photoshop would do a better job at what I want to achieve, but the problem is that I get this horrible «circle» that comes up around the cursor, only when I use photoshop. I’ve tried most things to make it stop, but it just does not go away. Changing settings in my wacom utilities/settings, fiddling with photoshop settings, changing the windows drawing/tablet setting, uninstalling and reinstalling my tablet, even tried every time I had to do a windows reset, and theres probably things I did that I don’t remember.

    its really frustrating x__x

    However on another note, I really enjoy your drawings and paintings! They always seem like you’re having a lot of fun while painting them. I also really love the loose lines for the sketches. Its sadly slightly harder to do grayscaling in SAI so I try to not do it there, but I did do some grayscale work before and its always so much fun putting in colors and effects! hehe.

    1. Press the Caps Lock key to change the cursor from an outline of the brush to a precision cross hair. You can also go to Edit —> Preferences —> Cursors to select your cursor type.

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