94 thoughts on “How to PAINT your DRAGON | PROCESS | Medibang Paint Pro

  1. I absolutely love your tutorials and art talks, your voice is so soothing and the videos always very informative. Thank you for posting them, they’re a great addition to your channel!

    1. I remember when my dragons used to look like horses….
      (oH WAIT. They still somewhat do tbh)
      I just started drawing like nobody was watching or judging me. (Oh they always did. They still do. When don’t they??)
      (It was much better than most seventh grade students could do anyways)

  2. Simply awesome!! Loved it all! Hope there is more! ^ w ^ And… i guess using grayscale may teach me about value and contrast too? I really would like to know where you have started from, i am kinda sad and feeling down lately, because i am studying a lot this year to finish highschool (stopped doing art and stuff) and start my projects… i watched your video now and calmed down somehow, so i would like to know how was your beggining maybe or so… Thanks Jax! Appreciate your videos! S2

    1. don’t worry i was the same during my final years of highschool ^o^ sometimes you just gotta prioritise your studies, but know that you’ll eventually find time to get back into drawing again <3

  3. 0:11 “I think I might make these [the art talks] more often” yasssss girl please do! Also yes, it me again (it’s not like I’ve been binge watching art videos (including clockbirds) for the past month or anything :P)

  4. I have a question, this is more a question about the grayscale method which would match more the other video but, I’m already here so, let’s go.

    I always want to try grayscale here and there and I never really do draw with grayscale, I have problem with the values and all that, picking the colors in between and barely using actual Black and white is something I don’t balance well. But that are things I can work on. My question here is: Do you use no saturation at all in the colors? I see that you change the hue from Blue to red here and there and I’m wondering how much influence that has? Is using no saturation of color at all the right way or using like one or two pixels of saturation a better option?

    1. oh that’s an interesting observation! honestly when i paint in greyscale my general aim is to keep everything with 0 saturation. the little bit of colour change you see is actually completely unintentional haha. i usually have the sketched lines in a light blue and sometimes when i colour pick from the canvas i pick up a bit from the line art. but that little bit of colour makes no difference to the process though ^u^

    1. it’s just a good technique for laying down basic values (areas of light and dark) and some detailing of a piece without having to worry about colour ^o^

  5. I absolutely adore everything about this video. Your art is beautiful and breathtaking (as always no surprise there), but the commentary included a lot of tips that i could never have found just looking at a regular speed paint. I really appreciate the bits of humor thrown in (whether intentional or not) its been a while since I’ve genuinely laughed. Thank you and keep up the good work! 😀

    1. ahahah thank you!!
      and i’m glad you appreciate the humour, although i still cringe at my attempts to be funny everytime i’m doing the audio editing haha x’D

  6. I ABSOLUTELY ADORE your digital painterly style!!! It doesn’t matter how many times I must say it! I love it so much, and I can only aspire to be on your level of art! I can work with digital, but started with traditional, and have only gotten better. But, even if I can shade extremely well with colored pencils, YOUR ART IS LIKE, ART LEVEL: GOD ! I wish. ;-;

  7. I really enjoy hearing you speak as I watch you work. Its is soothing and informative. I really enjoy you and your work! I can not wait to see more!

  8. Your art is a Big inspiration and you’re the reason i’ve found medibang to be my favorite program, keep with these Amazing soothing paintings, i love watching your videos (and the art talk is really nice too) !

  9. beutiful work as always! i really love your voice over videos, it helps alot ! although i havent yet tried to use greyscale painting i plan on trying it out soon, it seems really interesting *^* again love all your works clockbirds! your art is an inspiration for me ahahhaha thank you for all the hard work!!

  10. I’m so disappointed in myself! I am so late!
    I’m a little shook that this was posted on my birthday though lol.
    This is extremely helpful though and I thank you for that! This piece is also really beautiful and mystical and I can’t wait to see more !

    1. i can! but i will answer your gradient question for you now. there’s this option at the top (under the menu bar). when you have the gradient tool selected you can choose either foreground-background or foreground. choosing foreground basically set the foreground colour as your gradient and the other colour as ‘transparent’, that way you can build on a gradient you’ve laid down without them covering

  11. I don’t know if anyone asked you this, but how do you add your drawings or layers together when you do your speedpaint. Everytime I watch your video you put your drawings all together in layers and started to have less layers for your art. Can you tell me how you do it or are you planning on making a video of it?

    1. i just merge them! one of the options (next to the add layer button in the layer box) is to merge a layer down with the one beneath it ^u^

  12. Emphia’s design changed again :0 He just keeps getting prettier haha
    I love this piece so much, like always!! This is super helpful since I draw almost only dragons.

  13. Have you made a video explaining your brush choices? Ima complete noob… for example what is the difference between a ‘wet’ brush and a ‘dry’ one? XD I’ll learn one day….

  14. Agnztjkxfy okay so you know how you made a video a long while ago about how to get brushes on medibang?? Well I’ve been trying to make the eclipse brush on my tablet and it’s all pixelated! Idk why but can you help. I followed all the steps but it’s all pixels and it doesn’t stay straight when I’m using it!!

    1. oh that’s really weird? i don’t know how to help you with the pixel part, but make sure you have ‘rotate along’ turned off and ‘rotate random set to 0. things like brush spacing and all that should also all be set to 0.

    2. clockbirds ok I tried and it still is all pixilated. Im not sure if my tablet is making some sort of space between the top parts where they would connect or if its just a tablet problem. Thank you for your help anyways

  15. I have a doubt, why do u pick medibang over other programs such as ps or krita? I love medibang because it’s rly light tried with krita but the smoothing and stabilizer makes it impossible to use tried ps but would prefer using it as a photo realistic program, the question is do you find it good and competitive as other programs, what about the proffesional market? do you feel it needs a lot of improvements ? what about perspective tools? and like Jyundee that I find her an incredible talented artist, ur works are totally amazing too I think I decided to go with this program because of you two, but I’d like to know why.

    1. good question! medibang’s great for covering most of the basic things an artist needs to draw but it definitely still needs improvements. i use medibang now because its light and i can run it simultaneously with a screen recording program on my wacom tablet (something that I can’t do when using photoshop). but i would never use it as my sole program because it lacks so many of the colour correction and adjustment options available in programs like photoshop. i still haven’t tried krita yet, but from what i gather it also seems like a super viable and powerful painting tool. i don’t think either programs are built for professional use, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from using it professionally imo

    2. Rly??? with those incredible draws of urs! haha, would say that ur work is trully professional enough in this program, (I think u did once used ps for hue and levels and then get back to medibang I might try working between the two too!) Thanks a lot for asnwering me! i’ve been wondering about that for a while still a lot to learn but with an incredible community an amazing artist like u, the way seems more clear <3

  16. I love these videos! It would be incredible if you could do a talk through or a tutorial on how you draw and paint water. I’m always fascinated by how magical you make it!

  17. I am curious. Most people seek alternatives to painting in photoshop because they cannot afford photoshop. What makes you actually prefer this program for painting on its own?

    1. (Bcause in another video you clearly also have access to photoshop. I’m downloading medibang now since it’s free just to dick around with it for painting. Part of me wonders if I have no discipline with color because I know I can easily tweak it to be right later in photoshop.)

    2. i prefer it to photoshop because it’s lightweight~ my tablet can’t handle running both photoshop properly and record the screen at the same time haha. and honestly sometimes it’s just less strain on my mind during the drawing process to know i have less options? too many brushes and brush settings are just overwhelming!

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