58 thoughts on “How To Train Your Dragon 2 — Battle Of The Bewilderbeast — English

  1. Why did the bewilderbeast that hatched from the egg in drtte spoiler die? also whats going to happen with the father of valka bewilderbeast because it was in the final ep?

    1. Justin Neijndorff I watched the entire season the day it was released. I indeed saw Valka take the egg (In fact I freaked out a bit when she came on screen). I also know that in the second movie she said that when Cloudjumper took her he meant no harm and most likely believed she «belonged here, in the realm of the Bewilderbeast», which indicates that when Cloudjumper originally brought Valka too the nest (Twenty years before the second film), the White Bewilderbeast was already there. Because of that it’s guaranteed the White Bewilderbeast did not come out of the egg seen RTTE, as I said above chances are she raised the one that came out of the egg then released it once it was old enough to survive and build a nest of its own. Heck, chances are the White Bewilderbeast we see in HTTYD 2 may have even served as a surrogate parent for the baby that came out of the RTTE egg during that time

    1. Unstoppable Gaming yea but if you think about it when an alfa in nature is challenged both don’t use their hidden defences it’s one on one test of strength

  2. Question : in this scene Drago has a huge army consisting of not only dragons but apparently thousands of men too. Where were they in the final battle? Conveniently missing?

    1. Ved Gatne I think after this battle, drago had his bewildebeest order the dragons to kill all the men because he think they’re witnesses to his true plans.

    2. there’s literally a scene where he tells his men to load onto the ships and head for Berk, he took the dragons and the bewilderbeast as they were faster. The troops were to arrive after the dragon army.

  3. I like how the bewilderbeasts symbolize Stoick and Drago.
    *_Spoiler*_: Since the bewilderbeast dies, it symbolizes Stoick dying shortly after.

  4. I feel like if the movie were more cliched when drago came and attack then valka looked out and saw then maybe she would say: oh thats not a big deal the alphas ice can only be destroyed by a true alpha

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