282 thoughts on “How To Train Your Dragon 2 — Tournament Battle 2

  1. you are wrong those dragons are not from how to train a dragon some of them are in dragons races to the edge and the other is in the first movie and the foreverwing in not in any of them it will be in how to train a dragon 3

    1. +Terry12748 Productions Windwalker only exists in the HTTYD books. In this video there only exists one dragon with a wind as a prefix: Windstriker

    1. yeah , all of them do exist, you just don’t like how to train your dragon enough to the point to know there is more than just movies, and a tv and netflix sourest realize that there is a ton of dragons

  2. +edibtra she is right wind cutter was in that video and rain cutter wasnt wind cutter doesnt exist rain cutter does exist u just dont know that dragon bcz its only (i think) in a game called School of Dragon :/

  3. Weird bcz that windstriker looks like windcutter bcz its in the game School of dragons search in youtube School oof Dragons New dragon the Windcutter

  4. Death song would have won instantly, foreverwing would have won instantly, changwing would have won instantly, green death would have won instantly, scauldron would have won instantly, catastrophic Quaken would have won instantly, snow wraith would have won instantly, shivertooth would have won instantly, death song instantly again, changwing instantly again, green death again, scauldron again, quaken again, wraith instantly, foreverwing instantly, green death again, green death, foreverwing instantly.
    Reasons:Death song has rock hard amber, foreverwing is massive, changwing has acid, green death has fire and is massive, scauldron has boiling hot water, quaken is armored and can make an earthquake,snow wraith has camouflage and speed, shivertooth has ice.

    1. Epics shoot fire on their own, if you give a creature a level one missile flinger and hide it (optional but recommended) it gives the illusion of shooting fire.

    1. murphy Calvert. Dude stop cursing and stop being so rude dude you can just say a simple yes that’s all it takes not just being angry for no reason chill dude stop getting angry for nothing

    2. murphy Calvert oh and sorry I watched your vids and read the comments and. I’m sorry because I didn’t know you was a girl and I’m never be mean to girls so sorry about that

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