39 thoughts on “How to Train your Dragon 3: The Hidden World first official pictures

    1. Calvin Ryndell compared to the intensity and drama of the 1st two (kind of like Kung fu panda actually) there where a lot of dark undertones. The title “hidden world” alone sounds like a HTTYD knock off. Plus it’s a free country, I can criticize what I want. At least where I live.
      Kung fu panda 3 had the same thing happened to it, where it sacrificed a lot of the darker undertones to show us a whole new world.
      Plus look at that white dragon, it freaking has sparkles. What am I watching dragon tales? And she kind of looks like a beluga because she HAD to look feminine. But you know now else people can tell she’s a girl? PUT A HEART TATTOO ON HER FOREHEAD. OH YEAH.

    2. Silver Muttt. From what we have heard the movie is about how the dragons dissapeared. It can’t all be dark in this movie, they have to make some things a little light toned. Besides we dont know how its gonna turn out until we see it

    3. Magnus Maltesen well, it’s dream works. Of course it’ll be light toned. What I’m saying is compared to the other two it looks VERY light and less dire.

    4. Puddin watched the trailer, my suspicions where pretty confirmed. It’s a very well animated and better written Netflix HTTYD episode.
      Plus…night furies can teleport now,

  1. That’s two vids I’ve seen so far that are missing another official, full body image of the Light Fury. Huh…
    Ragardless though, she’s gorgeous!

  2. 0:34 Who the hell is this guy? I thought Drago was going to be in this movie? I swear if it’s revealed that Drago has been working for this guy, I am going to be pissed.

  3. Am I the only one,who thinks that this «dragon love»will be bad?
    In the first movie toothless was alone,and that loneliness was the thing that made him special.
    Just my point of view.

  4. Let me guess, toothless and the light fury will be together and hiccup will be in a situation where he will let toothless go. oh deym. Ash and butterfree feels. But meh just a theory. haha

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