Is it raining? Yu-Gi-Oh! Cloudians «Dragon Ruler of Clo — why did I even search that?»


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80 thoughts on “Is it raining? Yu-Gi-Oh! Cloudians «Dragon Ruler of Clo — why did I even search that?»

  1. It’s the eye of the Farfa I am playing b.a every night beating the Furry agenda. It’s eye of the Farfa please donate to my steam.

    1. shippoi base on previous videos I can only recommend to
      A: insult him and his deck making skills (say he is bad and only netdecks)
      B: you found the new tier 1 combo to break the game forever.
      C: bribe him via patreon.

    2. Frank West Aw, rip. What if I have a replay of me fighting him and with No Extra Deck Cloudians? Wait, does he run Shaddolls? If not, then I guess it was as a fan, which wouldn’t surprise me.

  2. Okay, so I actually had a really good (well, good for what it was) Cloudian deck last format. The Cloudian engine was pretty small, and it basically played like a water based link spam deck, but the Cloudians were still pretty key for building boards.

    It would fairly consistently end on a Gameciel in defense with Kyouto Waterfront (typically having 5 counters), plus 1-2 of either Toad (made with level 2s), Bahamut into Toad (made with level 4s), or Ib with Firewall.

    I didn’t profile it because I thought I would wait for the Knightmares, but then Ancient Fairy got banned, and it was what gave consistency to the Gameciel and Waterfront, so the best part of the deck was lost. I need to work on it again.

  3. You probably already know this by now since that was recorded from stream but ill say it anyway. Turbulence + fog control = saryuja, borreload, firewall (pass), etc. its basically Venus with Shine balls.

    Best legacy support for this deck would just be a dude which grants an additional summon like elder, seraphinite, etc.

  4. I heard Cloudians! I’m curious on how you’ll run my favorite archetype. I’d say more, but I don’t want to sound «weird». Good luck!

  5. You forgot the clumbius cloudian. Gains 500 attack for every cloud counter on the Field. Also gains counters when it is tribute somoned, as long as its a cloudian. So 3 cards on your field with 3 counters, then you special summon smoke ball then tribute.+4500 attacking power, adding its base damage of 1000 also

    1. sd sd «Water» is what mermail is called sometimes, which are considered a good deck. Cloudians being called that means they’re really good by association. Hopefully you see what I meant not, my dude.

  6. You could try make a deck around cloudian nimbus man. He is a Lvl 5 with pretty low atk but he gains 500 for every fog counter on the field, along with adding a fog counter himself for every monster you tribute to summon him. You just stall to stack up counters and then summon him to swing for game.

  7. Literally promised everyone at locals I’d rock up with a viable cloudian deck next tournament. Then see this video. Konami gimme the cloudian support I’ve been waiting 10 years for!

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