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  1. Hey subfuries! Come join me on my second channel for Rise of Berk, writing, and vlogs: Ссылка?v=87XzKMsrndg Also, which Hogwarts house are you in, and which house would you put me in? Stay nerdy.

    ~ Tim

    1. Daniel 83012468013579 after I finish rewatching MS Gundam 00, I will watch it again!

      What are your opinions about the spirits?
      Honestly, at first when I saw the white spirit wrestling the dark one, I thought they were f*cking.. because of their positions with the girl being the dominant…
      — and my mind is corrupted by the internet, so don’t blame me :3

    2. Super Kamehameha!
      (Insert face palm emoji) to what you said at the end LOL, well with the very limited research and info I’m aware of I don’t think spirits reproduce however I do think spirits can be related/created by other spirits as the face spirit from comic u were talking about is the mother of Ko the face stealer but I don’t think she had sex with the centipede spirit to make him I think I may have been more like she made him and calls him her child because of that

    3. The Little Gaming Gecko
      I was very confused there for a second, I was like wait I don’t remember commenting that, and then it hit me (my palm)

  2. Cool Theory — never really thought about this. It really fits — I mean if we had seen another Night Fury we would know the common colours of a Night Fury to see if Toothless’ markings were Titan Wing or Normal Night Fury by we haven’t so this could really work

    1. WolfyGamer kind of, he can manoeuvre better, and he used that to his advantage. If they fought only in open air, other guy would win

    1. Jacob Gelven Yup I think Tim is Ravenclaw too, just like us. Also, I think Ravenclaw needs a character in the movies because all of the other houses have a representative in some movies

  3. I do feel like the ‘titan form’ we see is more like a «berzerker mode» ie just a power boost. Although it should be called boss/alpha mode to have it fit

  4. I don’t want to se a titan Typhoomerang.

    *Actually I want, when I’m thinking about it
    (Sorry for my english I’m german)

    1. *Jay Wing* Weil du auf mehr anzeigen drücken musst.
      Auch cool einen weiteren Deutschen oder Deutsch schreibenden zu sehen 😉

  5. I had the idea that maybe Night Furies in general might be an Alpha species just like the Bewilderbeast so maybe they have that natural instinct to protect from that plus the glow might just be an evolution thing

    1. So since nightfuries may be a cave dwelling and/or a nocturnal species, this might just be a naturally occurring visual display for low-light conditions? A sort of display of dominance intended for other nightfuries potentially.

  6. Put you in a crazy house! Lol! I think that toothless is beginning to be a titan class Dragon. He can only use the power when the need is dire. Like Goku becoming SS1 vs freiza for the first time. However I think that this drains his energy and he has to recuperate from the output. I think that’s why he let all the other dragons attack the alpha afterwards. Not as tired as eragon when he used his first spell, but as Brom said, it’s up to you to figure out the limits of your strength. Paraphrase, if you use something before your ready, it could leave you weak or kill you.

  7. Wow! Didn’t know that you can fly Tim! To bad that it can only happen when the camera isn’t looking… Were you born with that ability or did Mishka give that ability to you so you can serve him better?

    All hail supreme leader Mishka!

  8. I would put you in your own house because you love mishka EDIT:and what is the video where valka has seen a another nightfury theory or whst even it was???

  9. Griffindor here, I love your channel so much! I learn a ton every video, and you’re so entertaining, and it’s great to see someone who isn’t ashamed of showing their inner kid on camera.

  10. Personally, I’m in the camp of ‘alpha mode’ rather than titan-wing. There’s a good case for the latter but as you say, those changes are permanent and Toothless seems to be able to glow at will rather than all the time. In my own stories I dubbed the effect ‘Fury’s Fire’, as a nod to it happening to Night Furies And also that, in my headcanon at least, it happens when the dragon is really, well, furious. I also made up my own version of a titan-wing Night Fury; bigger, stronger and with iridescent spines/markings, so they look like the night sky come to life 🙂

    I do wonder if other dragons have some kind of advanced ‘avatar state’ or if it’s just certain breeds. After all, in ‘no dragon left behind’ Stormfly shoots brighter, hotter fire than normal when she’s attacking the Slitherwings to defend Garff, a dragon she’d come to really care for. Astrid even says it’s “her new trick” (I can’t remember the exact quote). Could that have been Stormfly on the verge of going super saiyan?

    Great video as always; and of course, before I forget, all hail Mishka!

    1. Shit why is everyone still so dumb in this fandom… I mean why do you take every information that’s somehow related to How to Train Your Dragon as an actual and true thing?

    2. Ida Lipszyc Sorry, shouldn’t have snapped at you 🙁 Yeah, I didn’t think people would make such a big deal about this. I almost wish I hadn’t made the comment at all, but that’s just what you get on the Internet I suppose :p

  11. What if toothless DID become a titanwing but because he wasn’t old enough it was a non permanent transformation but if he was an adult he would have become a titanwing I hope that in the new movie he will transform again but this time it becomes permanent

    1. I JUST CANT disagree with you, but while a night fury is a perfect species, but I say toothless became a Titan Wing. His glowing markings stayed but he only activated them when he wanted. meaning they never had really left, and his better stronger abilities DEFINENTLY intensified. BTW, what do you think, should they make a how to train your dragon three, and if so what would happen, I saw the trailer but it doesn’t tell much about what’s coming.

    1. Stephen’s channel

      Toothless is the only NightFury known in HTTYD. So I don’t think that Toothless will actually find a “mate” for himself.

    2. Chatto0402 I know that but there is going to be a how to train your Dragon 3 so it is a possibility that he will find a mate but you never know

  12. Quick note I’m writing this at four minutes in so idk what’s coming next but I don’t really think toothless became a titan wing at that moment… this might sound strange but what if it was some sort of… dragon adrenaline rush? Tell me what you think.

    1. Jericho Jones I don’t think it’s that because the spikes were probably purely physical but its a cool idea, I just think that the evidence for a sort of adrenaline outways the evidence for that

    2. I could believe that… Like when a person is in the right situation and adrenaline starts to kick in, they become stronger and more aware. So toothless being so scared that hiccup was hurt inside the ice could have definitely made a click that caused a reaction similar to an adrenaline rush.

  13. Would the red death and the bewilderbeast ever encounter each other in the wild and if so would they challenge each other? Who would win?

  14. For all you poor ignorant Vikings, toothless is actually an unusually common brown garden dragon. Who actually doesn’t have teeth and is the size of a Chihuahua. Also, for all you who didn’t know there was a 10+ book series that came out before the movies and is way better.


      Well, technically he’s not a common-or-garden dragon. He’s a VERY young and VERY small Seadragonus Giganticus Maximus.

  15. I’m new to the how to train your dragon lore but I think that toothless’ torn wing limits him from going into Titan Wing form (just a thought)

    1. Titan wings are generally born titan wings. Most times a dragon is large and notably different from others of the species in terms of things like claws and spines, things that don’t just grow in after they are adults like Toothless.

  16. Toothless is not of age but he still mite have a titan wing change latter on that stays. Toothless could have just tapped in to the ability of a titan wing and show features of what he would look like as a titan wing if and or when he becomes a titan wing the reason for this is rather protective or in an alpha state like you said in the video. Toothless is a dragon with a kind that seems to be gone or never to be seen again and most likely to have many secrets to uncover. but this is just all a theory I have.

  17. What if the white night fury is actually an albino but was an outcast from its family and it escaped into the snow to hunt. That’s why maybe it’s the only other night fury that survived.

    1. That would actually make sense though. Seeing as nightfuries were probably more common in the past, an albino nightfury wasn’t unlikely. And because of it being completely white the family wouldn’t want to hunt with it because they’d all be spotted. The albino figures that the snow is perfect camouflage and because it was secluded from the rest and nobody thought to look for a nightfury in snowy areas, this could happen.

    2. Your theory actually makes sense. In the first movie it’s made a point that Night Fury’s need the dark color for their hunting strategy, they blend into the night sky and land plasma strikes. But a white night fury would be easily spotted, so it may have to resort to different methods. In this case, going to a snow region.

    1. End of the puberty to be perfect, for instance the Lion, they grown mane on year 1, and are big in size by Lion age, the age of 12, but the Mane is darkest at year 3, at Lion age, the age of 24, their muscles being completely thick dense, and them have deepest roar after fully development, in men it is age of 23, in dogs age of 2, in wolves age of 3, in Elephants age of 26, it’s pretty much becoming Boy to Man in animals and dragon, aka the end of puberty.

  18. They changed toothless alpha form name 2 times
    1. When toothless alpha was first introduced it was called “ Toothless alpha”
    2. After awhile in the game they changed the name to “ Toothless titan “

  19. You said that toothless is Hiccups age. But the second movie takes place 5 years after the first. Which makes Hiccup 20 years old. So they’re adults.

    If mating instincts are kicked in by that age then toothless just isn’t interested lmao

  20. Maybe he is a hybrid between a flightmare and a skrill and that would explain why he glowed in the second movie and had the spikes like a skrill from those pressure points.

  21. New to the channel, but i love it already! I’m not a cat person (being allergic) but Mishka is SEXY! KAWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!

  22. How the hell did i get here like i watch no videos that should reach this point not to mention I’m so bored cause i have no wifi or cable so I’m just watching this video for some reason

  23. My theory to Toothless — Nightwings don’t live around Berk but Toothless actually got lost and found Berk where Toothless started growing up.

  24. Something to consider is that NightFuries are supposed to have the hottest fire versus the Deadly Nadder. As for the color of the fire, it’s likely that the Deadly Nadder has Sodium in its fire and the purple fire comes from the potassium. If u look at flame colors, this corresponds to the flame chart of elements if they were burned.

  25. Either way Checkout Pottermore which is to my understanding the official sight for this information officiated by the creator of Harry Potter

  26. Is there any official cannon to back up these theories or is this just another otherkin/therian obsession with fantasy over reality?

  27. I like your content and all…but man, you really need to get your hair figured out my dude. Looks like it was longer, and you held a flame to it and singed off half the length. You gotta get a fresh cut man…

  28. So ya know how you talked about the bewilderbeast right and how the fish and dragon bloom made it bigger right… Well I got a question: how big are they before the large growth

  29. What if toothless didn’t become Titan wing but he did tap into the power of it from the anger and fear of losing his friend that he only had one feeling and that is survival that was the only way to go like a accident he tapped into that

  30. Titan wings have to be old. It is just a label of honor, toothless is young which is why he is not officially called a titan wing via his young body isn’t able to take on the permanent form.

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