IT’S SO EPIC!! | Lilia plays Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen #1 [Patron Mini Let’s Play]

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    • Lady Lilia Word of advice be careful Bitterblack isle there are enemies that will one shot you and the game will overwhelm you with enemies that can wreck you.

    • The quests in this game don’t pop up on your mini map to indicate there is a new mission so be sure to check back into towns and explore. For example: After you meet the Duke don’t leave right away and explore the castle garden. or you will never get the quest.

  1. Made it through the tutorial ok 😀 Considering the game came out in 2012 I’m surprised you never tried it?

  2. I loved how confused you were at the beginning of the game «Huuuh ? What ? Huh maybe ? Sure ? Why not !»

    But yes, if you ever decide to play the game by yourself after this LP, it is much easier with a controller. I really advise you to use it. The controls in the menus are a bit awkward with keyboard & mouse, and since the game will require a lot of interactions with different menus, you might wanna spare yourself some nuisances. 🙂

    Very funny video, AS ALWAYS with you dear Lilia ! 😀

  3. This game looks pretty good. I could tell you really liked the dragon. One could say it looked like he totally «stole your heart.» Lol.

    • The game is amazing. It’s the only game I’ve ever bought and played through to completion multiple times and across multiple consoles. I first played the original Dragon’s Dogma on the XBOX 360, and then when Dark Arisen came out, I played that to completion on the 360 as well. Then I saw it on sale for $8 on the PS3’s PSN store, so I bought it again there and played both the main story and Dark Arisen to completion. And then they released a Remaster on PS4, which I again bought and played through both the main story and Dark Arisen to completion yet again. And with Dark Arisen on the PS4, I even subjected myself to a personal little «Challenge Mode» for Dark Arisen: I would play through Bitterblack Isle in it’s entirety as soon as access to it was unlocked, and then I would see if I could beat all of Bitterblack Isle while being severely underleveled/underequipped and while playing as a Vocation that I was unfamiliar and uncomfortable with using (Mage, and then Sorceror). Was I successful? Yes. I beat the first boss of BBI at around level 32, the second at around level 34, and the final boss at around level 38. It was hard as hell, sure, but also super fun.

    • To be fair he has a point about the tension thing my first fight with grigori took like 2 to 3 hours and a few retries. My 2nd took around 10 to 15 mins. After that nothing until past grigori is even worth their weight in stones to bother battling really.

  4. It’s It’s great game but can be quite confusing, if you carry on playing you should have a quick look at something that explains the mechanics.

  5. I love this game. I was really disappointed when it was a console only game first. As soon as i heard it got a PC release i bought it. Since it is a console game ported to pc it plays better with a controller.

  6. Hi Lilia; FYI, the intro/training scene does have meaning later in the game. Also story elements that make no sense now will as you progress. Lastly, there are some of us that think this game is one of the best RPG’s of it’s time. A true sleeper. Now that you’re playing this, I’ll definitely be watching. Hope you enjoy your story.

    • The story was strange and back loaded.  It seemed to me that quite a few reviewers didn’t actually finish the game and because of that gave the game a bad review.

    • SwingDancer; this is very astute! This is a long game with an unconventional style. Many people never really took the time to fully figure out the character creation system let alone the nuances of pawn development. But yes, I don’t think many if any reviewer got past the 1st or 2nd act and that’s a shame.

    • I remember Angry Joe giving this a 7 (good game), and he also gave Dragon Age 2 & Kingdoms of Amalur 7’s…I bought all 3 and love’em all and still play them.

  7. If you decide to continue playing the game, make sure to keep playing after you kill the dragon. Before you kill the dragon the story will seem lackluster, but in post game the story really picks up and becomes unique.
    9h, and here is something you really, REALLY need to pay attention to: every time you do a favor or even talk to an npc thief friendship meter increases, at a significant plot point the npc with the highest friendship will be chosen for something important. Make sure that whoever you choose is attractive to you.

  8. Epic sheep cheese^^ Done 100% on DDDA with over 300/h playtime. I love the Bitterblack Isle so much. It’s very challenging there. Let the game begin 🙂

  9. I’ve played EQ , WoW , Dragon Age series , ESO , Skyrim, Witcher series and more but I have to say Dragon’s Dogma is one of my all time favorites. The longer you play the more fun it is. This game is FAR too underrated !!

  10. One of my favorite games! Reminds me of a dnd session once you get into it. Also look up the original theme song if you like cheesy goodness, for some reason they replaced it with a more thematic intro lol!

  11. I played this game on PS3 when it came out in 2013 and to this day i’m still waiting for a game with the fighting mechanics it had. Its brilliant, had so much fun playing it.

  12. hey lilia, I want to watch your live streams but I live in England and im not sure how or were to go for that, iv never watched someones live stream befor ^^. I have twitch if that helps? can you help me please ? thanks.

  13. One of these days I’m going to finish this game. A certain part of the game was irritating me so I stopped playing for a bit. A bit being several months now…

  14. What version of dragon dogma are you using it looks like an older version and I don’t remember all that in the beginning

    • It’s the newest version, when it released for PC Capcom made everything available from the start including all dlc items and «hard mode». With the original you could only access hard mode on NG+ Edit: Just to clarify, newest and only PC version as a remake was done for PS4 & Xbox One last Oct.

  15. The game does sorta take a while to get used to but I ended up enjoying it a lot. Hopefully you will too, even if off camera.

  16. This is a wonderful and surprisingly deep game, though it might help to do a little wiki-work at some point to help yourself out. Well worth playing, especially with the Dark Arisen expansion.

  17. I find that this plays much better with a controller. Perhaps I should reinstall and finish. I played it originally (when its was newish) on PS3, then last year bought the steam version. Never finished any of them.

  18. Well, I scanned the comments and didn’t see anyone post this warning «Do Not Take Notice Board Escort Quests» all others are ok, but Escorts are a pita this early.

  19. I love this game, I recently started playing it again myself, I’m about lvl 50, can I add you to hire your pawn?
    Derp (discipline) points are to buy skills and Augments (passive skills), leveling raises your stats like strength etc according to your vocation (class).
    Augments you will need to be a certain vocation to be able to learn a certain Augment, though once learned can be used with any. Weapon skills are locked to that weapon type and certain weapons can only be used by certain classes, though there are always unique skills only usable by each class. So some mage skills can be used by the sorcerer like lightning bolt and levitate, but mage can’t cast bolide and sorcerer can’t heal. To check out the stat progression and skills for each class, go to..

  20. When your sword is red its enchanted with fire black with dark white with holy blue with ice different enchantments work on different enemies

  21. I got this game a few years ago when I went on a Steam Summer sale binge. I just got around to playing it the other week and OHG is it good! I just beat it and I loved it soo much!

  22. Similar to Bloodborne, the usefulness of this game’s tutorial for mastering its mechanics is often more conincidental than enforced. Which is a pity in both cases, considering the interesting mechanics in both.

    At least you did better than me on your first try. For having been given a level 20 character I was remarkably apt at bumblefailing my way through the prologue. It gets a lot better though once you get a sense of what shennanigans your merry band of pawns is currently up to.

  23. I have 400 hours on this game, although it’s pretty bland story-wise, it has insane replay value.
    It’s Shadow of the Colossus/Monster Hunter/Dark Souls/Skyrim.

    Also! Have fun with the Pawn system! It’s one of the best things that was ever implemented in an RPG. Great Pawn sharing community out there too!

  24. Achei que só eu no mundo jogava dragons dogma hj em dia kkk
    Tô triste que perdi meu save cm todos equipamentos e Max. Level

  25. Hello Lilia. I found and subscribed to your channel after watching this video. I hope you like the game enough to play it on a regular basis. It’s really fun but doesn’t hold your hand much. But there are plenty of people to help you along the way if you need it. Good Luck!!

  26. This is one of my favorite open world action RPGs. A Japanese take on the western RPGs like Elder Scrolls, Gothic, Witcher. Lots of fun, many areas to explore, and they are all interesting. Exciting combat, but I never played a mage. That version you are playing looks way better and runs much faster than the console version I Played!

  27. I got this game years ago, I’d suggest going with strider for the first play through and then later promote into arcane archer, and yes this game has class promotions. Be sure that the pawn you have is opposite of what you are, im a dps character built like link from loz and my pawn is a tank built like guts from berserk while the two other pawns are usually mages this creates a good balance also there is a romance mechanism in the game but it’s kind of awkward and not the most obviously devolped

  28. It’s a great game Lilia, one of my all time favorites. I like it because unlike some games where player just swings their sword back and forth at the enemies face this game’s combat makes you feel like you are actually fighting something, you can climb up on large enemies and stab them and you can grab enemies and team up on them and stuff, its blast to play through.

  29. Try magical archer its OP! I hope you did play trough to i was very confused at the intro. It was harder then skyrim but easier then darksouls when the game was new. Its a very underrated game but my most favorite. Just want to add the online feature is to share your pawns with friends or other players. To there used to be a trial i dont know if people still play it though. There are oil flasks you can fill at the orange vase. Youll need these especially for the lantern :.) You can combine stuff at the inventory to create explosives, potions etc. Dont forgett to loot the mini bosses like chimera those drop special material to upgrade your gear later. To when you continue to shoot the dead mini bosses they might break off rare materials. Other then that dont worry if you do not get allong with your first chosen class you can change it later. Mage is a very good start and youll see later why.

  30. Will you be adding this to your play list? This game seems to be really big and adventurous. Your expressions are so much like my own when I played this.

  31. Such a fantastic game! I’ve clocked so many hours of the years. Favourite weapon for sure is the Silver Rapier! Go for one of the Hybrid Classes! What’s your fighting style?

  32. Looks like a mage? Please he looks like a young version of Andre the Smith. Give this man a hammer!
    Now I am new sub…I love dragons dogma and it will only get better [controller recommended from someone on their 6th playthrough]

  33. I have no idea why this was suggested to me, but I’m glad that it was. This is really entertaining! 🙂
    Dragon’s Dogma is a very cool game that I’ve played for many hours and that I can highly recommend.
    You have a new sub 😉

  34. This is one of the best RPG’s I’ve ever played. I encourage you to play it all the way through at least once.

  35. This is kind of a weird game, cause it doesn’t really start until you finish it once LOL. When you’re comfortable with controls, fighting and mechanics and you’re high enough level that you can go to the DLC island, that’s when «shit gets real». But to get there, you kinda need to finish the game to have enough gear and level to even stand a chance.

    Also, this game has so many skills and classes that you really, really should do some research to decide early on which you want to play cause you get stats based on what class or «profession» you are and advanced classes only come available later on.

    One of the most interesting games I’ve played, shame it was kind of a bastard child of a project and not that much effort was put into it, and it didn’t do well enough to warrant a sequel, which is a shame cause it has MANY good ideas and mechanics, just very unpolished and unrefined.

    Also, be ready to die. A lot.

  36. I suspect u will love this game. A bit awkward at 1st but u will adapt. Play online to have access to pawns other real people created and trained. Cross train your main character and pawn to get the best skills. If hired pawns have fought a particular type of creature they will offer strategies to defeat it. Have fun.

  37. This one is a sleeper. I wish all fantasy fames had combat like this. You can add add ENB pretty easily to spruce it up as well!

  38. The fast travel system escapes many players at first. Just one of many fun nuances this game has to offer.

  39. Tip for best character creation: muscular build lowest weight longest limbs and tall as possible.. you’ll cover a lot of ground work fast and also notice your reach in battle is way better

  40. Ver gente que juega este juegazo me llena de esperanza con creer que salga Dragons Dogma 2 …
    Es realmente un juegazo , de lo mejor que hay en RPG …

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