Left Hand Graffiti Challenge

In this video I do the Left hand challenge. I try to draw multiple typs of graffiti sketches, tags and thowies. It is so hard! ESHOP: Ссылка …. как нарисовать волка в стиле граффити

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  1. Hey doke!
    I wanted to request if you can make a video about caps. The different types of caps. When to use what and what we should buy and use. Thanks a lot!

    • yotam elnekave euro fat for fill in (if you don’t care about paint), NY fat else (for outline + fill in + lights + for all) skinny for details and that’s pretty all. orange dot and black body (from Montana blacks) is good and maybe better than NY fat it works for every thing

    • ask you questions about balance left and right sides, his tags is pretty cool but not enough balance, so for me it looks bad

  2. Try this at a wall with ur left hand! And maybe do some graff in abandoned buildings (abandoned buildings close to you?)

  3. that feeling when he made a better sketch with his left hand than i could do with my right hand. FeelsBadMan

  4. Maaan..Future is interesting!:o
    Like I watched a strugles that left handed people have and right 1 hour later this vid pops up!Just WoW!❤✌

  5. On the wall i think its soooo much easyier to do it.
    When i spray on a wall i use my left hand and sometimes even my right 😉
    Nice video doke!

  6. When it’s winter and it’s way to cold to paint graffiti outside and Dokes’s stuck in the studio making art challenges xD

  7. When it’s winter and it’s way to cold to paint graffiti outside and Dokes’s stuck in the studio making art challenges xD

  8. Draw with your foot/mouth
    Improvising challenge (use a random word generator and paint/draw te word in under 10 minutes)

  9. Try do Do this with your mounth. Make some sketches with your richt hand and with your mounth.
    Sorry for my English i’m Dutch

  10. Doke, I’ve been watching you for about a year and a half now. Your channel has been progressing very well but also with art there has been a significant degree of improvement in your, just keep going with what your doing and you’ll be great, but the fame and money should never get to your head as with some artist this has been the case. Thanks for sharing your humour and talent with the world

  11. I think you should try to spray paint a whole piece on the wall with your left hand to follow up with this episode. That would be really good!!!!

  12. With can its way easier to paint with your left hand, i do it often after hours of painting just to chill down

  13. Aby ti nepadala kamera, doporučil bych jeřáb na mikrofon, ale místo mikrofonu tam dáš kameru. Viděl jsem to u Vexxe na instastories

  14. Right hand is like you’ve got pretty good can-control, left hand is like you’ve got shit can-control.. Toys, can-control is so important stop sketching 24/7 and paint walls (:

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