18 thoughts on “Leray Kothas | Heroic Foundry

  1. Horrible horrible horrible play. You should be ashamed of yourself..
    Runs to far at the start and misses dps on the boss.
    No idea what you were doing during the sword phase.
    You dpsed the boss for a few seconds which is a waste. Then you switched to the sword for a few seconds and then did something extremely weird.. You started to give mana to others when they didn’t need mana and you did no dps..

    And not keeping your buff.. The main reason why you’re their for the sword was also disgrace…At 80% it was ready and use used relentless… Good job buffing the others..

    All in all just an extreme case of a boost for a severely clueless player..

    1. What you talking about Willis!? LOL I said in my 1st reply that I miss you guys! Lol! And you should be scared…very scared! MUWAHAHAH! lol

    2. I bought a new MSI laptop last week and I keep looking at CoL and itchy to make an appearance, then I look out my window and see the fantastic weather and sorry…the great outdoors wins each time.

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