Drawing of a T-Rex from Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom! Support my drawings: Ссылка Art Store: Ссылка Be sure to …. белый дракон как нарисовать


  1. Wow Chris amazing drawing! I’m wondering how you get the blacks to be so black? When I use the same darkness of pencil is just doesn’t seem to do it. Does it depend on the paper or do you use colored black pencil?

    • Honestly for me, it depends on how hard you press down. It really has nothing to do with the paper. Although it will be smoother if you use smoother paper. All so using a 6-9B pencil could do the trick as well. Hope that helps a bit 🙂

    • Thanks so much! The 6B pencil helped a lot with the darker areas of shading. Pencil pressure and paper texture can also have a bit of an effect, but it’s mainly all about the softer leads. Thanks again!

  2. This was awesome. I’m partial to the triceratops personally. Would love to see that in a future video someday. 😀

  3. Hi, I have been looking at your drawing recently, it looks very cool. I like it a lot especially those shadow. It looks very realistic. I tried to do the same way. Do you have any advice or recommend I should do.

  4. Beauty. Great work with the dinosours muscles. Hard to highlight but you made it spot on. Try adding some color?

  5. I just went out of the movie in Austria 😉 … I‘m a drawer as well, but your drawings are just stunning- I wish, I was half as good as you are!

  6. This is awesome!!! I’m not the greatest fan of dino’s but I really like this drawing. Maybe you can try drawing one of the champions from the legends of zelda breath of the wild. I would love to see it

  7. Good work Chris. I have an Idea. how about all the dragons you’ve done in the past but you draw them as Dragon Knights? (knights with armor based off the elemental dragons or made from the dragon’s hide/scales) I’m also still keen to see you do a poison mushroom giant. looking forward to the next one.

  8. Hi everyone! Here’s my drawing of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom! With the release of this film and Jurassic World Evolution I thought it would be an awesome opportunity to draw a Tyrannosaurus Rex! I ended up really enjoying the drawing process and would love to draw more dinosaurs sometime. This drawing took about 10 hours. Let me know what you think. And also let me know if you have any suggestions for future videos.
    Thank you so much for the amazing support! It means a lot. Hope you’re having an awesome day. 🙂

  9. I just discovered your channel and followed one of your tutorials and i insta-subscribed.Just got a question for you.Is it considered cheating when i follow a tutorial instead of doing everything on my own.Thank you!

  10. well 400 likes and not a single dislike i guess that Show how everyone is impressed from your drawing skills

  11. Yes, l would love to see work on more of these; it would be awesome if you pose them so that can see draw the whole body.

  12. Your videos are always my favorite part of the week for me. I’ve been subscribed for almost two years now, and your growth is astounding

  13. Amazing, the way you put detail with graphite is just mind blowing! The movie is going to be awesome! Great job, Chris!!

  14. This drawing was absolutely incredible, but all of your drawings are. Maybe you could draw the mosasaur from Jurassic World? Just a suggestion. Keep up the amazing work!

  15. I love your work! Super inspirational to me to get back into drawing. A cool idea of mine and i think it would be really cool to see you draw is portrait of a native american chief.

  16. Chris! I can’t explain my love for you and your art! You are talented and are an inspiration to me! I now from some of you’re instructed art I can draw some Wolves and stuff w/out reference!!

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