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Hey guys! Today I decided to do a video about my very favorite species of Cockroach, the Madagascan Hissing Cockroach. Although they look large and …. как нарисовать животное любовь

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  1. While I don’t find myself keeping these as pets, I watched the whole video because you made these cockroaches so interesting to learn about! Learned a lot today lol. Curious, what do you do for work?

  2. I never imagined someone would keep a cockroach as a pet. As a Florida gal, I pretty much live in fear of palmetto bugs.

    Still, you managed to make these sound interesting despite the fact that I spent the video shuddering at the thought of touching a roach (had one — not Madagascar obviously — crawl on my arm once and I did not like it. Haha!) — let alone EATING A LIVE ONE!? WHAT?! Yikes!!! Why?!

    • Girly Things by *e* California too! Especially in the summer. I’m sleepless just wondering when the next roach will climb upon me.

    • any house roach is bad news for me. id be pretty much ok with the wild bulky roaches and the other small ones but i have a phobia for house roaches (i can still imagine the feeling of one trying to crawl its way inside my shirt and even cover my ears when theyre near my head) its very common where i grew up and loved every lizard, pigeon and spiders that predate on it.

    • It is pretty sad how some people have no interest in learning how the world really is. They would rather spend their free time looking up sweet nothing on the internet about how to do their nails, or how to lose weight, or which movies have their favorite actor in them, etc.

      When a person with no real life experience has the audacity to come onto one of these nice channels about cool bugs, and just say «Eww, thats super gross!!» or «I hate those ugly monsters!!!!» there is nothing for me to respect there. It’s their own fault they are afraid of bugs, and I’m not going to sugar-coat how I feel about it.

    • T Leaves, if you want to respond to someone, spell their name correctly so you don’t have to falsely believe that your kindergarten narcissistic put-downs and threats of not replying scared me off. Mr. See-Something-From-All-Points-Of-View likes to make pseudo-inspirational quotes about their own greatness but crumbles in the face of a little criticism; I wonder, if I get a little life experience, could I acquire such a bloated ego?

    • Matt Penna That’s great!! Did you get two of the same sex or is it a male and a female to begin your own colony?

    • Emzotic they’re both females. I think they were all from the same breeder so I want to get a male from another lineage to keep up the genetic variation up!

    • Matt Penna Spot on!! You clearly know what you’re talking about. It’s great to see someone being responsible 🙂

  3. Actually they’re cooler than I imagined. Great video and editing, I hope your channel grows huge.

  4. i love hissing cockroaches as pets and also breed them, 1st started with a hundred then it turned into thousands and i also breed dubia for my reptiles…and im also a reptile breeder…I could say im Living the dream!

  5. i love my lil babies, i have 8 females. i gave away the males because they kept mating and making tons and tons of babies. they’re so sweet <3

    • That just means that you were keeping them in a great condition! good for you for being a responsible owner and realising when it was too much xx

  6. some day maybe she married and the husband don’t like roach I think the husband will ?
    guest what happen in your think

    • CoolHomeParody It has been a problem in the past with my ex boyfriends! Luckily, my partner is a zoologist and is just as crazy about animals as I am 🙂

    • Misty Ann there are plenty of us! We’re just busy outside, playing in the forest and looking for insects!

  7. It’s almost cute but I couldn’t. I just can’t like roaches. But I too finished the vid. I love your skunk!!!

  8. In fourth grade, the class we shared our portable with had a hissing cockroach as a class pet. His name was Harry and their teacher actually let me hold him once. I wanted one for a while, but of course my mom said no lol.

    • LizzardLady Wow! Crested geckos are amazing! I have three juveniles and a bunch of adult 🙂 wonderful creatures!

    • Emzotic I’ve always loved crested geckos! We got our lizards from an exotic petstore, and sometimes they’ll let me hold the crested geckos if they’re friendly enough. I personally have a leopard gecko, bearded dragon, and cocketiel.

    • Emzotic I love all animals! It makes me sad that people hurt them and don’t consider how they feel. I was really happy when I found your channel because you show so much love for all kinds of different animals, and I honestly wish more people were like you.

    • LizzardLady I bet animals love you 🙂 They can always tell when people are kind hearted 🙂 thanks for your lovely words about my channel 🙂

  9. I held a Madagascar hissing cockroach before and fell in love with one and named it Noah even though it was a girl

  10. my biggest fear are cockroaches, my mother offered me to keep one as a pet to beat my phobia, but im still kinda freaked out.. do they bite?

    • Rockaria! These guys don’t bite at all. They’re very sweet creatures and like to keep themselves clean. They move fairly slowly too, and the don’t fly or buzz, or anything that could unsettle you, rather than hiss. If you were curious about how you’d be with cockroaches, you could always find an exotics pet store which may have them in stock and if you explain nicely, they may let you try to hold one 🙂

  11. UNILAD group on facebook stole your video without using credits. Thought you’d like to know 🙂
    I love your open-mindedness !

  12. everything about you shocked me. your are extremely polite and just… I don’t know haha. you just come off as an awesome person!

    • Emzotic I’m thinking about taking care of some hissing cockroaches so I’m glad I found your channel to learn about them!!
      Stay awesome!

    • Thats wonderful! I’m sure you’ll find caring for them a great experience. If you have any questions, please don’t wonder in silence. My channel is all about education and bringing people together over the amazing animals in our world!

    • Emzotic will do! thank you! would you have any quick things that would be good to know about caring for them? I want to make sure they have the best life with me haha

    • I love to hear that! Responsible ownership is very close to my heart.
      Okay, first off, you’ll need a secure tank. These cockroaches can even climb glass!
      They require heat in order to be healthy and function, so a heat mat (available at all good pet stores) would be great, but even better would be some kind of spot lamp. Just ensure that the cockroaches cant reach the light.Using a light guard or light cage would be great.
      They will need lots of places to hide, so you can use logs and twigs/cork bark for a natural look, or egg cartons and cereal boxes if youre on a budget.
      They like chicken feed and a variety of fruits and vegetables, such as spring greens, apple, carrot and banana. They should also be given protien buscuits, such as a good quality cat buscuit that they can graze on at all times.
      Their enclosure should be misted with water twice a day, and the temperature and light reduced at night 🙂

  13. Woah I usually don’t really like insects, but these are beautiful! And you care for them so much! ❤️

  14. With those two it looks cute and calm, but 80 if those don’t look so cute at all. Sounds like something which will get out of hand asap.

    • I understand where you are coming from. I think you are refering to the pest species which can cause an infestation? These ones arent a pest species. They occur in the rainforests of Madagascar and if they escaped into my climate here in the UK, they would die.

    • Do these cope well with living alone? I’d enjoy having one or two, but I’m not killing 80 of their babies just because I can’t care for 80.

    • Michael Dijkstra Yes absolutely they can be kept alone! It’s great that you don’t want to be irresponsible. I fully support this 🙂 You can also consider keeping a pair of males or a pair of females 🙂

    • Hard to choose in that case. Awesome fighting heads or smooth heads to handle. Thinking about this.

      Small living space as well, I imagine? Since on most pics I see them just sitting beneath a rock.

    • Michael Dijkstra I like to give them room to forage, climb, run at speed and hide. They would be comfortable in something like a plastic exo terra critter keeper. I like to have them in glass, personally, so watch them climb. Ensure you have a secure lid!
      The males won’t hurt you at all with their humps. They can’t spear you 🙂 they feel blunt x

  15. I find it hilarious when I tell ppl that cockroaches are cleaner than us and the look on their faces of denial is priceless

    • To say their «natural» environment is a dirty house is also false. As insects typically are found in the wild away from civilization. It’s that, similar to any sort of insect, when it gets cold or rainy, they seek out warmth, so their receptors point to houses. It’s easier for common (house species of roaches) to thrive in dirty homes, as they can infest much quicker and have readily available food source such as dirty houses means they can chew on the food that is left around. Dirty people who are like that usually don’t even care about infests. However, different types of roaches exist, and commonly we bring them into our homes ourselves as we pick up babies on our shoes or whatever. So they make themselves at home. But to say that someone saying roaches aren’t completely clean or dirty naturally is false, is also false. Because you’re just comparing crack house living conditions to their dirtiness but don’t take in account that all insects habitats are built in the wild, away from homes and humans

    • Alberto Gomez yes they’re clean however their poop and pee is toxic to breathe in and that’s why you don’t want them around

    • Chaz Smith every animal on earths poop and pee is toxic. Poop and pee is literally your bodies way of removing toxins, dead bacteria, viruses etc

  16. I’ve always been terrified of cockroaches. However the ones I commonly see are not the ones you are holding. I do not know their name but they are so common here and they are seen as pests, along with lizards (the ‘household’ kind?) and in my country, if they escaped, it would mean a nest. However your video did make me more interested in them, but I think I’d freak out nonetheless. I am always so surprised by their burst of speed, especially if towards me, and they tend to hide. I’m just so afraid and although I find them fascinating, I hope I don’t see them. And I have no idea why.. is it because of their many legs, or the fact that they have such great speed..? Anyway, any tips on how to overcome fear of roaches? I’m pretty sure you’ve encountered people who just dread to see them and are as terrified as I am.

    • I know they can take us by surprise! My cockroaches are not the pest species which can cause an infestation. They are much slower and docile 🙂

    • Emzotic that’s so nice to hear. What do you think of pest species then? As they are generally perceived as unwanted and maybe annoying. I’m very sure your cockroaches are ideal pets, but in my country exotic animals are so rare and maybe illegal. I wish I got exposure to these animals.

    • Joreen C Hi Joreen. The pest species tend to thrive where humans have not kept their environment clean, and pest species CAN spread disease. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to keep a wild, pest cockroach as a pet, just in case. And although I don’t like to see animals die, pest control IS necessary in many places.

    • Emzotic thank you so much for your feedback. Luckily I’ve never seen them in my home, but they are easy to find at the void decks as well as at the foot of my block. Thank you so much for sharing. Your cockroaches are definitely an eye opener and give me a new impression of roaches as compared to the pest species!

  17. WOW!!
    Thanks to everyone who has subscribed to my channel! Rice, Beans and I are all SO happy to have you all here!
    Xx Emz

  18. Came here from Unilad hahaha. I love cockroaches a lot, I find them super cute and I’d love to pet them someday… thank you for sharing this with us 😀

  19. Would give it a try but im allergic to cook roaches…wanted a geco or any type of lizard but my mom is scard so no…so im getting a ferret.

  20. I am talking to my mom and dad about them any tips to help me to get them for me I am 13 should I get a fish a tank for them

    • mine maker Definitely look at an online caresheet and show your parents youve done your research. Encourage them to go to exotic pet shops with you to meet them for themselves and help them get over their own preconceived ideas x

  21. Very sweet bugs! I feed my roaches lizard pellet food (I keep beardies) as well as carrots and cauliflower greens and apples. You can use floun- a polymer- to paint around the top of enclosure to prevent escapes out of containers.

    • Spiral Python Thanks for the tip. I prefer just a safe enclosure as I don’t like the idea of unnecessary chemicals, but that’s just a personal preference. Thanks for sharing your knowledge ! X

    • Emzotic I agree re chemicals — but the floun is much less messy than Vaseline. And I have had too many tiny babies escaping — especially in the classroom.
      (BTW I teach with animals too!)

  22. My science teacher has 3 of those and when it was clean up day she would let us get them out of the cage and they would crawl everywhere on us

  23. I have a question: what would happen if a hissing cockroach came across a regular pest roach in your home?

  24. I dont like cockroaches that much but i really like how you love every kind of animals, i personally love animals i have around 23 or 19 hermit crabs, 2 regular crabs 2 birds a dog and a cat, i am gonna get a male and female pigeon and i am still waiting to get a snake , sadly my grandparents dont like snakes… at all but my dad does but sadly my dad and my mom is divorce so i wont get a snake for a while ;-;-;- but he said that when i am older ill probably get one ;-; ANYWAYS i really love your videos and keep up what you are doing! and sorry for the extremely long comment ;-;

  25. i will say im so glad you made this video because i am trying very hard to explore insects. i do have a phobia against spiders and most flying insects but i wish i didnt because i think a spider could be an amazing pet so im seeing a specialist about it. I have not given cockroaches much thought because you see them as fast skittish creatures with wings which as least for these does not seem to be remotely true. glad youre bringing these pretty creatures to the light 😀 <3

    • NO_jimmy PROTESTED Firstly, you deserve a massive WELL DONE for wanting to take the brave steps to overcoming your fear. Not many people address their phobias and fears, but a life without fear is far more enjoyable. I am so amazed and impressed that you’re considering letting an invertebrate into your heart and home. They’re fascinating and there are so many different types of invert that could be a perfect fit! Thanks for sharing your story and please do update me on your progress 🙂 xxxx

    • thank you 😀 ive always loved reptiles and all animals so really id love to try a praying mantis whenever id be ready to give it the best care i could 😀 xxx

  26. first time I clicked on your videos and I hate bugs with a passion. I would cry even from ladybugs, no joke. but I learned a lot from your videos which is amazing so I’ll keep watching:)

  27. u are extremely brave I am scared of a fly just imagine me touching one of those I would have fainted so many time iight have even broke the Guinness world record for the amount of times someone can faint so ✌✌

  28. I learned so much from this video! my son’s class has one of these guys as a «class pet» I was really surprised when the teacher told me because in my town in North Carolina most people consider cockroaches gross, and only in infested, dirty homes. That’s how I’ve always viewed them. I can see how uneducated I was! I don’t think I could personally own one, but i am excited to show your video to my husband lol. it is most definitely cruel to eat anything live, I couldn’t understand for a second why anyone would do that. regardless of what the creature is. Thank u for sharing❤

  29. i have an absolute huge fear of roaches……this video may have helped bit………JUST a bit…..haha

  30. I like how you’re not ok with eating them yourself but you’re perfectly fine with feeding them to your lizards 😀

    • I’m Just Bored Lizards are cute, I literally see nothing cute on cockroaches. They’re like tiny flying devils

  31. I have a huge phobia of bugs, yet I’m still watching this. Very interesting, actually. Its nice to watch this, because I don’t have to see the bugs in person, so it scares me a lot less and I can learn about them and watch them without being so freaked out. Thank you!

  32. Hi Em, I just discovered your channel and have been binging your videos. I love the way you educate us about lovely animals, and I think you’re also very funny, beautiful, positive, and eloquent in how you describe and explain things.
    I have a question, though. How do you mentally/emotionally deal with the fact that some of these cockroaches are «working» roaches or pets, while others are food for other animals? How do you separate «friends» and «food» in your mind or heart?

  33. This girl is holding them and getting all up close and personal with them, meanwhile I chased a cockroach around my dining room for 2 hours with a shoe while screaming

  34. No, that’s not a great idea, they live very happy in their habitat don’t need to be locked up in your room 🙁

    • Zoe Winter come country , u will find many runing frm ppl who try to kill them. On the streets.

    • I’d be down to get one, but not one of these ones I wanna get something that’d just be badass everytime I look at it. So I’d get a Giant Burrow Cockroach, those guys look like tanks, getting that dude as chill as these in the vid would honestly be worth it, it’s only for like a year or two anyway.

  35. I would have a cockroach infestation, I also live in Australia…
    I wish I could get one though, they look soooo cool.

  36. you forgot to mention their potential to carry 14 different types of molds that can cause allergies in people. I have severe allergies but it didnt stop me from getting them lol. Just wanted to inform people so that they can understand the risk hissing cockroaches can carry.

    • actually honey, there are 4,500 species of cockroaches found. only 30 of them are considered pests. this means that 99% of the cockroach family resides in forests, and jungles, etc. however, they do not live in human homes. those that transmit diseases are those that live our houses, in the sewers, and alongside humans. actually, now that im thinking about it, there should be 31 species of pest cockroaches because the 31st species is YOU.

  37. Don’t normally say this about bugs but they are so cute :’) you do such a good job at “humanizing” them. You seem like a caring person as well as a wonderful researcher =^_^=! Literally admire you! What a mellow video.

  38. I also fear roaches. If I ever handled these hissing ones I might become tolerant of those, but I can’t say I am ever comfortable with the ones that have roamed some homes I’ve been in before… I heard the house roaches can bite.

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