Magic Cat Music! Watch Your Cat Fall Asleep Before Your Eyes with Our Specially Designed Cat Music!


Need some peace and quiet but have a playful cat or kitten to contend with? Fear no more — Relax My Cat are here to help! This two hour playlist for cats features …. видео как нарисовать свою кошку

1 995 thoughts on “Magic Cat Music! Watch Your Cat Fall Asleep Before Your Eyes with Our Specially Designed Cat Music!

    1. this music did not put my cat to sleep, but it helped him relax. he’s scared of storms and is currently listening to this, laid under my covers content and relaxed and ignoring the thunder.

    2. it’s not so much as fake information but what +Shrompex meant was generally. My kitten is 3 months old and he immediately calms down when listening to this even though is an extremely energetic little feline.

    3. It’s not magic. If your cat has a lot of stored energy, s/he needs to release it before going to sleep. Try going to sleep after a strong cup of joe

  1. my cat was being super active while I was drawing and I shut the door yet he just started scratching.
    About 2 minutes in and he is a lot more calmed down and beginning to fall asleep! Thank you!
    I can now continue my work, since I am so close to finishing it I don’t want any drawing to be ruined because he is being too energetic.

  2. ADHD people react to stimulants by falling asleep… My little brother used to sneak a drink of my dad’s coffee and instantly doze off. The rest of the family would be trying to sleep and we’d slip him some caffiene to unwind him…maybe there’s an opposite reaction with your kitties who don’t relax? Just a thought. 🙂

  3. Screw cats this is my relaxation music. I use it when writing on Wattpad. It’s like background music for my thoughts that relaxes me but doesn’t distract me. It worked on my cat too though. Good job.

    1. Horace the Cheese Hi! I absolutely agree! Sod the cats!…mine are relaxed enough and have no problems whatsoever sleeping, any time, anywhere, anyplace! Now moi on the other hand…!!

  4. Aww, that is so sweet 🙂 You’re more than welcome, we are so glad that the music is helping your kittens to relax 🙂

    1. I miss my cats too, terribly. I have a new cat now, a rescue cat, and she is my life along with my young daughter. But my 2 previous cats who I lost separately throughout my life I miss a lot. Big hugs from the uk

  5. My cat is my life. I have no goals except my cat. I am prepared to die from not feeding myself if my cat is sleeping on me or an earthquake hits.

    1. Hedgerow your mom , dad , siblings , spouse , child ? Any thoughts on those compared to an animal that would leave you in a fire behind ? (Cat) ?( if you argue that maybe watch some tests they did if cats at least waited for their owner , but nope they just evaded danger for themselves . If you don t hahe any of those ( bad family relationship and I doubt spousr and would bet my life no child ) , imagine you did . What then , is cat still no .1? Maybe your mother should have had a cat instead of you 😉

    1. My cat patches is out like a light! She is purring and I am getting sleepy with her snuggling next to me! Thanks for a great video! They should use your music for a street cat named bob movie soundtrack!

    1. Imma remove that comment. I’m sorry for somehow placing that comment. I seriously don’t know why I typed that. It isn’t even funny. I might have mixed up the emojis

  6. My cat is in a really deep sleep, I’m trying to move her and
    she won’t get up, she’s never been this calmed and relaxed.
    She’s never been in such a deep sleep..


    I put this on for my cat every night and she falls asleep in 3 minutes.
    Truely. Amazing.

    1. My grandpa’s cat went through something similar, this cat named Sam always came over and he eventually made friends with him, but when he died he’d go out looking for him and got hurt a lot out there while he was trying to find him…

  7. My new kitten just came home from surgery yesterday. Today was her first day exploring my room. She was a bit anxious, but I decided to try this out and now she’s asleep on my bed with me. Thank you.

    1. Relax My Cat — Relaxing Music for Cats thank you so much!! my kitten usually hates me and makes herself a life mission to scratch my face off but this music helped her relax and now she will lie down next to me and I will relax not having to worry about being terminated!!!XD

  8. 隣でネコが寝てるからこれ流してたら、宿題してるこっちまで眠くなっちまったじゃねぇか!
    おやすみ( ˘ω˘ ) スヤァ…

    1. Michael Kuppler My cat was laying in my arms when I turned this on. Then in a few minutes she was out like a light.(The sleep way.. not the»They got hurt» way…)

  9. Me my mom and my sister found a wild kitten that would hiss and hide and spit at us she was shaking because it was so scared I put this music on and it started to calm down and she fell asleep

    1. they don’t spit. What does happen is that they produce saliva, like many other animals. Hissing consists of expelling air rapidly to force a menacing sound, air may carry saliva but its intent is not to expel it, simply to hiss.

      So no. they don’t spit. they do accidentally throw saliva with the air when they hiss, just like if you would have saliva in your mouth and you did «hissed» or tried to.

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