MHW This Is What We Talk About When We Talk About Charge Blade

It is an experimental first episode of new series, still fine-tuning the style and edit. Donate: Ссылка Subscribe: Ссылка I do not own the …. как нарисовать дракона для 6 класса

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  1. It is just an experimental first episode of new series, still fine-tuning the style and edit. Feedback is welcome but most likely I won’t listen.

  2. I can’t get into the CB, it’s too mechanical for my taste even though I reeeeeaally want to love this weapon. ;-;

    • Same. I tried 3 times to use it, but eventually gave up. I just can’t get the combos or the charging system right. My blade turns red from overheating or something, and I don’t know how to reverse that 🙁 a shame, really. It’s a pretty cool weapon

    • Abi-chan fiction fan

      To reverse that you need to place the phials in the shield, go to the training area and it should walk you through it.

    • It’s easier than you think, just get into the habit of build red phials(not bright hot red), charge phials, charge the shield, charge the blade. Rinse and repeat

    • The weapon is stupid easy when you get down what everything does, it literally clicks. All it takes for the weapon to be good is positioning, just like the great sword: difference between a newbie GS and CB user and a Pro: the pro’s Position themselves where the monsters head appears under the blade

    • Literally use the CB for most of your hunts and a lot of this stuff will happen as you get better at the weapon. What sucks though is that there is kind of a wall you hit with CB where you just need to take a break.

  3. I learned charge blade on MHgen.
    Which I think is harder, since gameplay was very different.
    But when you nail it, it can be very very satisfying.

    • Not being able to combo a Guard Point into an AED or SAED was kind of a pain in Gen though. World went back to 4u gameplay on that front, but red shield not depleting made it kind of boring to play, since you don’t have to manage it anymore. And the sword charge make ED 1/2 and AED kind of useless since even stunning is better done with the sword now 🙁

    • Varnal Faer actually you are wrong on that last part (since the nerf and buff of SAED and attacks outside of SAED): the stun values of AED are 4 times that of SAED, Charged sword, and Guardpoints COMBINED. It only takes 2 AED’s to KO a monster, and with impact mantel on 1. With slugger, SAED is able to KO in one discharge of 4 out of 6 phials, and AED is able to KO in one of those little burst things out for the 3 (I think)

    • True, I lumped AED with ED a bit quickly there, fact is World made me enjoy CB less, wich tends to make my knowledge of it’s finer details a bit more blurry since I don’t enjoy using it anymore. Good to know the updated stun value of AED are that good.

      Still, the charged sword requires less buildup, hits faster and its mobility and precision make it such a good tool for inflicting the stun damage that it feels too strong at stunning imho. Especially since it also gives mind’s eye wich is another nice addition to that new CB mechanic.

    • I’ve never been able to KO with the sword. I suspect it’s only good for the exhaust and damage of charging it up as well as the minds eye. I wish guardpoints had more KO value to them— like a lot, because you can gaurdoint all of Diablo attacks and won’t KO after atleast 20 or so if not more. I haven’t got around it, but been hoping I can probably make a build that is AED oriented, and not sure if I should focus artillery or damage if I would use a Luna weapon. Problem with CB is that the AED leaves you out in the open for a long time, about as long as SAED but only very slightly faster

  4. Doritoman237 Once you learn how to store then use the charge phials it is a awesome weapon being 3 in one axe, sheild, sword it can do everything

  5. Charged sheild
    Charged sword
    Slide move
    Guard points

    Yup, you did all of this

    You’ve grown so much since the steam. :’)

  6. Btw Weiss you can shortcut into the element discharge by pressing triangle and circle/y and b twice after any attack in sword mode

  7. an acceptable defense capability, good speed in sword mode and devastating attacks in the ax mode
    The bad point is that you have to need a preparation time to give the strongest punches but in my opinion it is the most versatile weapon in the game

  8. Another Nergigante that could do nothing but stand down… And I don’t feel sorry for it, not one bit.

  9. I always talk about getting hit by them, the only ones worse are the hammers.

    (Not trying to offend anyone so sry if you use one of those weapons)

  10. Okay, Lu Bu’s theme earned you a like. Holy crap DW music fits well with this game, I never realized. Time to make a playlist, lol!
    Also, so satisfying to see Kirin beaten by being thunderstruck <3 (You've been... THUNDERSTRUCK!!!)

    • Because it already is, LS can spam their helm splitter pretty quickly if they’re decent which turns into a lot of dmg; not to mention the amazing I-frames from the foresight slash which they made easier to use by extending the i-frames.

  11. Get into the habit of doing Guard Point, a stronger defense move that requires extra input, and good timing. If your shield is buffed, Guard Point will deal a small amount of phial damage. If you’re using impact phial, it is possible to stagger or even stun monsters by just blocking attacks at the right moment.

  12. It’s even more satisfying doing a triple guard point when he slams his horns down 3 times in succession. Pretty mich guaranteed stun

  13. I really want to learn Charge Blade considering Dante’s Sword is in that category of weaponry in MHW but i cant seem to get the mechanics down on it. Im an SnS, Bow, LS, and Lance main and going into CB is a real challenge. If only i had someone show me how to use it

  14. Ive used almost all the weapons but personally, there’s nothing better than the endorphin rush that you get when you get a SAED on the head of a monster

  15. From us telling you how to charge your sword too this, I’m proud of how far you’ve come young one.

  16. Honestly my fav weapon. Plays like a beefier sword n shield (with better combos), and then you realize you’ve got all those phials in Red Shield Mode and you’re just…
    This it it.
    A weapon to surpass even metal gear.

  17. while totally sick, the music is REALLY LOUD, had to lie about a bug in the office when i almost lept away from the screen

  18. Weiss I love that you are using Dynasty Warriors music and I would love to see more of their music in your videos.

  19. Just in case it wasn’t obvious, you can Guard Point when you pull out the CB into axe mode(R2/RT). The window is super small so you have to time it perfectly

    0:26 there seems to be some clipping there as diablos died before he was actually hit.

  21. *_As a Charge Blade god, I can confirm that you did yer video wrong. You gotta combo the hell out of the monster THEN use the super mega ultra i stole this name from power rangers finisher_*

  22. Starting picking up the Charge Blade as a sub for dual blades, last month! It feels good being OP in a game!!

  23. didn’t know you were a fan of lubu, the mightiest warrior. ah, i still remember getting 1 shot from him on DW5XL and DW8XL.

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