Monster leech swallows giant worm — Wonders of the Monsoon: Episode 4 — BBC Two

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  1. QUESTION HERE ! Can’t the worm continue to live inside the leech «body» ? Because the leech just swallows it without biting or anything that could kill the worm…

  2. Why did the worm let this happen??it could’ve tried to escape when the leach was feeling all over it.

    • +KinghtofZero00
      Everyone else just said awful things. 🙁
      But also I don’t think the worm could have run anyway because that leech was way faster.

    • +Casey Villalon



      You thought that that bug was having a period? Okay, okay. You’re just…dumb. That’s all I can or want to say at this rate. Dumb. They don’t have internal skin, they don’t have v******, and they live 2 days, they reproduce on their sides. Their practical nipples are how they mate

      **yes, I just took health ed, and we dissected a worm for the fifteenth time in science**

      You’re plain dumb. I’m sorry, but you are.

  3. I was in charge of my high school’s little T.V morning announcement thing, and since it was near Halloween. When the camera panned to me i told my fellow school that since Halloween was so close they needed some nightmare fuel, then i played this.

    The screams down the Hallways were marvelous. >:3

  4. Well that certainly gives you a new found appreciation for being on top of the food chain dont you think?

    • Dave Hoang 黃忠偉 I refrained from commenting but your comment made it too irresistible, so I had to. Yes that makes us on top. We are the biggest and strongest due to our ability to think, adapt, and invent. Come on man!

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  5. «Feeling up and down the worms body, it searches for an end. Then, it starts to suck» Haha ok guys good one.

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