『NS4』Raw Footage 002 // Orochimaru // Madara // Itachi @ShikasClouds


『NS4』Raw Footage 002 // @ShikasClouds Hey, how you doing? I’m trying to get back into the groove of things. Follow me on twitter for updates & random posts.. как нарисовать дракона для 2 класса

86 thoughts on “『NS4』Raw Footage 002 // Orochimaru // Madara // Itachi @ShikasClouds

    1. U sound like a Hype Beast let the man play what he wants you probably don’t have a mind of your own and bandwagon every form of entertainment available.

    2. I hate people like u, hypers playing only to be mainstream. If i have a choice playing the game i like and which i enjoy vs some mainstream shit i don’t even want to look at, i preffer first one

    1. W i t h w h a t n i g g a t f ? I just said he’s done this before then you like «nigga who are u». So I’m sitting here like «How a nigga with the name fucking Donut for Anime X» gunna try to ask me who I am. So I asked who you was c u c k b a b y

  1. Personally, if you really want to get back of the groove of things, I would recommend you just Livestream while commentating instead of just uploading raw footage of storm 4. You can do better than this Shikas. This is coming from a fan perspective. I know you still got it, but this route isn’t the right way to do it in my opinion at least 🙁

    1. H u h? He used to do this all the time and we used to eat it up, let the boy-o do what’s comfortable to him because if his commentary isn’t hype or swear filled the comment section nuts and calls the vid boring

  2. You’re gonna make a comeback dude. With all the new anime fighter games comin out and your way of making content, it’s gonna happen. Storm 4 tho has come and gone but I’m sure you got other things in mind.

  3. I don’t think the subs left here even understand you. Saying «dead game» or «upload something different» shikas isn’t a tv personality like many of you YouTube comment section people would like him to be. He is a person like you or I, and I’m sure he’s well aware of the state of this game and his channel. Either you’re here to support the guy or not. Don’t let this layer of «internet» cast a veil over your eyes to prevent you from seeing people as what they are, People. Still here shikas, since like 2013. Do what ya gotta do bro and don’t be afraid to reach out to subs or anyone in general.

    1. Tony Dear this right here. Guys like you, me, we were here years ago during the prime of the storm community. I remember looking forward to his news updates on ninja storm 3 and watching his ranked videos. Obviously since storm 4 she the news of dbfz things changed. Content changes. I still watch him regardless. He could decide to upload dbfz footage but he doesn’t. He plays what he likes. We support him.

  4. I still think the biggest disservice cc2 committed was not giving madara a more hand combat move set. He just fights with a fan and susanoo

    1. I don’t see why people are excited about new Naruto game while it’s not even half awesome like STORM series. It’s just another battle royal game.

    2. Warframe Crunch this is the most balanced and most fun out of all of them except 1. If they made an s5 everything will be fixed and it would be the best Naruto game ever

    3. Well I had a lot different vision of Naruto games. Storm is cool but In my opinion the game have too small amount of jutsus one or two per character, without counting Ultimate jutsu.
      For example one good feature would be to use arrows to chose jutsus. 3 combination of arrows, for example: First arrow up (Jutsus), left arrow (Fire style), right arrow (Katon Hosenka no jutsu is chosen), then press triangle,circle to cast it, any other action like chakra dash will make jutsu chose canceled. With every press of button character is doing these symbols with hands. If any jutsu need more than 3 symbols then the character will make them while casting jutsu.
      In that way each character could have 16 jutsus from anime. Yeah it would be much more work, but it could make the game better, because of more possibilities.

  5. Glad to see you upload this . I still enjoy this game and it’s nice to see other people still play. Like someone said in another comment it might be better for streaming tho.

  6. Good to see you are back Shika’s. Compared to PS4, how’s the playing on PC? Some pros or cons? (btw, your raw footage looks better then mine edited ones xd)

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